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Get Bold Look with Women Hair Tattoo Designs, hair tattoos for women

Need a unique hair styling idea? It’s time to consider getting hair tattoo designs. In order to get a tattoo, you need to shave some area of your head. I am going to share brilliant hair tattoos for women.A razor is used to create varied designs patterns.Women can try a lot of ideas but I’m here to share 10 cool ideas which give you perfect bold and beautiful look. Every design is stunning and will surely make your look quite attractive. So, let’s start discovering these ideas below.

1.Make a Bow with Long straight hair,one of  the most famous hair tattoos for women

side hair bow designs with long hair

It’s time to bring a big change into your long and straight hair, taper one side of head and get a bow design. Some women are quite creative and they create such design at home. However, if you have little or no knowledge, it is strongly recommended to get help from a professional hair dresser otherwise you might end up with missing or bad design look.

2.Mohawk hairstyle with Random Lines: hair tattoos for women

random lines with mohawk haircut

Women who opt for Mohawk usually like to make its great combo with hair tattoo. If you are also thinking with the same angle, it is good for you to try this design. Create random short to long lines on both sides of head. Another charm effect of this style is to leave a light thin hair strand at one side. So, a Mohawk with double side tattoo and one side hair strand would look simply eye-catching. Why don’t you try it?

3.Angled Bob haircut with Connected V on Neck

angled bob haircut with connected v tattoo designs

I really love this hairstyle which let you look simply stunning. The first part of this style is an angled bob cut. The front area would have graduation while back half area would have curtained style bangs. From back to neck area, shave your hair and then create more than four connected V(s). When V connects at middle then you get small boxes that seem really promising.

4.Semi-Waves with Side hairstyle

semi razor waves side hairstyle

It is indeed one of the best hair tattoo designs that every girl would love to try. The symmetry of this style really matters. The beauty of this design is largely dependent on the way waves are created. Every wave stars from front and then end toward the back of ear. This pattern of one missing and one complete hairline make your appearance quite bold.

5.Classic V Tattoo design with side Swept hair

classic V hair tattoo with side swept hair

In order to grab this design, you first need to sweep your hair at one side and then start making V inside V designs with the mean of a razor. Try to keep the pattern in symmetry, so the end result is as beautiful as you want to see. When area is wide then you can go with more than one pattern. But sticking with one design would render more appealing touch to overall style.

6.Edgy Pixie with Chevron

short pixie haircut and chevron tattoo

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When you want extra style into your short pixie hairstyle then you need to grab some edgy bangs and get double layer chevron pattern. This design is simply amazing and makes your appearance super attractive.

7.Simply Straight with Double Razor Line

straight hair with double side razor lines tattoo

It is indeed a simple design that can be tried by almost any girl. It is not really hard. Keep your front hair at one side and shave another side. As far as back hair is concerned, you need to straight then with the mean of hair iron. Once one side is shaved then you need to use razor to create two parallel lines. The style is simple yet really amazing hair tattoo for women.

8.Scrolls with Slicked Side Style

scrolls with sleek side hair

Another fascinating design is side scrolls. Getting round design is a bit trickier than a straight or V design, so it means you should have to get help from an expert hair dresser. If you think that you are creative enough then definitely you can pull of this design own your own. Girls who don’t know how to use razor for getting hair tattoo should seek a professional help always.

9.Red Bob hairstyle with back Middle-V pattern

inverted V hair tattoo designs for women

Girls who have get bored from their simple red bob style could easily create an extra charm into heir look by shaving hair from the back and then to make a middle V-hair tattoo pattern with the help of a razor. You need to make the partition very clear, so always use good razor to get clear design.

10.Top bun with Classic V and Flash design

inverted v tattoos with a top hair bun

Don’t need to compromise your hair length for getting an enticing hair tattoo design. Check this idea which requires you to make a top hair bun and then start shaving back and neck hair with the mean of a shaving machine. You can use a razor to create Classic V and flash on back area.

After exploring these cool ideas of women hair tattoo design, you would surely like to try this unique kind of hair styling for yourself. You can try your own unique tattoo patterns. The main idea is to keep design clear. So, it’s suggested to avoid complicated or fancy designs and stick with only simple patterns.

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