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Do Charming Waterfall Braid in 10 Different Ways

Do you love waterfall braid? Want to try this style with great variations? I am here to unlock 10 cool ways that would simply add charm factor to this simple braid. Making this braid is not really hard, you only need to follow some basic steps. I’m not going to tell you how to create it but my intention is to highlight some ways that can make this braid hairstyle more beautiful than before.

1.Add a side flower to your hair

side flower with braid

Image via instagram/braidsbyjordan

A flower definitely changes your mood but if you have a desire to make your braid hairstyle super attractive then you should add a cute rose at one side of this braid. Start with normal braid and when you reach to a level ,when you have to start a regular three strand braid then you should create this simple braid .Instead of leaving it below, you will have to create an enticing flower of it by wrapping braid in a round form. Don’t forget to secure your flower with bobby pins.

2.Four Strand Braids with Hair accessory

best braiding idea

Image via Instagram/anniesforgetmeknots

Normally, we create a waterfall braid with three strands in hand but you never know how beautiful it turns out when you add one more strand to it. So, if you are good at handling more than 3 strands in a braid then try this idea and you must adore your hairstyle with a beautiful hair accessory.


3.Waterfall Double V style

double waterfall and regular braiding

Image via Instagram/ Chauncey_hairstyles_

One simple braid look amazing but combine four braids from both sides in a V style and you would be able to get attention of all toward you. The lower ends that you normally leave during braiding also have to tie in regular braids just to enhance overall beauty of this style. Would you like to give it your best try?

4.Combine with a Messy updo

waterfall braided updo hairstyles

Image via Instagram/anniesforgetmeknots

I really like to get this braid for parties as it makes me beautiful but the idea is not the simple braid but also a messy or chic hair updo. A messy updo always look quite pleasing. Its undone form makes it attractive for all. So, try this combination and boost up your aesthetic appeal.

5.Four Strands Loop braid

easy braids for girls

I really love this styling idea and you would surely like to follow it. Though it seems quite hard to implement, in reality it is really simple. You need to add every strand that you left during braiding into your cascade braid. However, you must check its video tutorial for getting complete idea.

6.Double Side Y Style braid

beautiful braid hairstyle

Image via Instagram/ Chauncey_hairstyles_

One side braid is common and easy but it is better to add beauty to your both sides and then combine the lower ends of your hair into a regular braid. In this way, you get a chance to add Alphabet “Y” on your hair, this seems an interesting hairstyling idea. Isn’t it?

7.Ladder style braiding

ladder braid style idea

Image via Instagram/ Chauncey_hairstyles_

In order to follow this hairstyle, you first need to make your hair straight. That simply means, you should use hair iron after applying hair styling cream thoroughly in your hair. You need to make braid but in a bit curvy manner just to grab a ladder styling.

8.Simple Side waterfall braid

white ribbon braid for blonde girls

Image via Instagram/ Chauncey_hairstyles_

You often see that celebrities appear with one side style as it look quite sexy. So, it is good to follow their route and try simple side braiding hairstyle. If you want to add a bit cuteness factor to this kind of styling then you should make a bow with hair ribbon.

9.Loose braiding and Curls

loose braid hair idea

Image via Instagram/anniesforgetmeknots

This is among the casual hairstyle that you like to wear in your everyday routine. Don’t tie hair very tight, instead you should go with loose hair styling. Turn your simple hair into curly one and their combination with braid will be quite appealing.

10.Add ribbon into your style

ribbon into braid

Image via Instagram/ Chauncey_hairstyles_

Make braid on both sides and combine hair in the middle regular braids. However, one thing that you must need to add into your regular three strand braid is a colorful ribbon. This simple thing would make your style superb, indeed.

Girls! Whenever you are going to make a waterfall braid then you must think of all above-mentioned 10 variations. I’m sure you would be able to create a stunning hairstyle , if you follow any of these style methods.

What  hairstyle idea you like the most? Share your comment now.


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