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Embrace Life Colors with 16 Watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are becoming popular as they look really beautiful and amazing. A tattoo artist must have complete knowledge of watercolor art though other process is completely the same he follow for a black ink. What you must need to know about this tat is that it doesn’t hurt you much as an artist normally use shading needle not the lining needles. Let’s start exploring some meaningful tattoo ideas.

1.Kids and butterfly

kids with dreamy butterflies

I really love this idea of back shoulder tattoo where a kid is using peacock leaf for drawing butterflies that represent your dreams. We all have a lot of dreams, some are big other are simple an easy. So, if you are a dreamy person, try this idea.


  • Life
  • Dreams
  • Thoughts
  • Fertility
  • Tenderness
  • Delicateness
  • Spirituality
  • Appreciation
  • Beauty
  • Dreams
  • Peace

2.Birds pair

bird pair tattoo for couples

Couple must opt for this design as it is simply stunning.  A pair of birds make it clear that we all need someone. It is really hard to leave alone. You should try to grab all colors in your life by keeping yourself at someone special’side.


  • Love
  • Connection
  • Faithfulness
  • Wedding

3.Cute bird idea

cute vird tattoo iea

Colorful bird tattoo design always attracts attention of all. Birds are innocent creature and no one likes to see them in trouble. Their wings are quite inspiration for those who give due importance to freedom. If you like to fly and enjoy every color of life then you should try this tattoo idea.


  • Freedom
  • Nobility
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Protection
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Motherhood and family

4.Random color splash

watercolors tattoos ideas

random color ieas

You don’t always need a design to get watercolor tattoos, think outside the box. Random color splash looks more beautiful than any design, just you need to make some comparison. Asymmetrical design makes it clear that you don’t like to follow rules or to move on the same boring path.


  • Beauty
  • Fun
  • Playfulness
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Hope

5.Colorful tree tattoo

beautiful blessing tree

Look at this design and you will say that it looks like a dreamy or blessing tree. We all wish to have a tree from where we can pick up everything we always desire like love, money, beauty, etc. If you are going through bad time, then this design will add a scoop of hope into your life.


  • Growth
  • Strength
  • Hope
  • Protection
  • Blessing

6.Girl playing with heart

flirt girl tatto

In past, only boys done flirting. At present, girls can do this task better than boy. So, the result comes in the form of heart-broken man. If you have such experience then this tattoo will remind you to never trust a girl (though it’s not a good practice). If you haven’t any experience with flirt girls, this tattoo will help you make a difference between flirty and serious girls.


  • Flirt
  • Dishonesty
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Cheating

7.Cat, kites and moon

cat with moon design

People who don’t want to stick with one design and need to integrate more design in one tattoo would like this idea where you can see a cat with kites and half moon. No doubt, this idea is simply amazing.It is great for those who love beauty of cat and moon and also have good interest in kite flying.

8.Life is like a song

music love tatto

Are you a passionate for music? Know the connection between song and life? No doubt, this design idea will help you a lot. Song has rhythm and lyrics while your life has some story, subject and a cycle (born, live and die). If you think this connection is true, consider getting ink with this design.

9.Rabbits Emitting from prism

family tattoo idea

When natural light passes through prism then it splits into color spectrum. So, this design follows the same formula. One rabbit moves through prism and then scatters into different colorful rabbits that make him up. It simply shows the heredity of a rabbit, or his family tree. Where he belongs and who comes first to him. Quite a unique idea!


  • History
  • Life Ingredients
  • Heredity
  • Roots

10.Water splash with Karma

water splash idea

Karma means “do good, have good”. When you use it with water design then you should keep flow of your life task only to good, if you want to see all colors of life. In case, you do evil then you might not be in a position to enjoy all colors or real life beauty.


  • What goes around, come around.
  • Focus on good things
  • Good deeds Balance flow of life colors

11.Orange and blue Yin-Yang tatto0

yin and ying chinese symbol

It is a popular Chinese symbol that show a whole system based on interaction of opposing forces. According to Chinese Philosophy, yin-yang shows how contrary forces are interconnected and complementary, how they interrelate to one-another. For example, day is connected with night.


  • Life and death
  • Night and day
  • Health and sickness
  • Poverty and wealth
  • Hot and Cold, season cycles
  • Dark and light

12.Fish tattoo

fish tattoo meanings

Need a beautiful design idea? Why don’t you consider getting a fish design. You can opt for single or multiple color fish especially when it comes to watercolor tattoos. Mostly people opt for this design as they believe that fish is associated with good luck and happiness.


  • Knowledge
  • Happiness
  • Good luck
  • Fortune
  • Transformation
  • Creativity

13.Hope tree design

hope tree design

Missing real hope in life? Why don’t you plant a tree? I’m sure you would like to try these ideas which want you to create an enticing tree with word hope. This tree helps you to regain your hope as soon as possible.


  • Strength
  • Growth
  • Vitality
  • Support
  • Symbol of life and death

14.Humming bird watercolor tattoos

humming bird colored design

birds tattoo design in colors

When you miss energy or passion in your life then it is the right time to get this design which will help you restore your lost energy in the best manner. This is one of the popular tattoo designs. It is common among both men and women.


  • Symbol of life
  • Prosperity
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Renewal
  • Passion
  • Energy
  • Agility
  • Loyalty

15.Cherry blossom tree

beautiful tattoo for women back

This tree design is only specific to female as it echoes feminism. It is indeed a beautiful design that let enhance beauty and charm of your back and shoulder. No doubt, back is the best place to have this design though you can get it on your favorite place as well.

Meanings :

  • Symbol of life
  • Womanhood
  • Feminine beauty
  • Grace

16.Girl face Tattoo

beautiful girl face design idea

Do you love someone? Her face might remain in front of you all the time. You may talk to him daily but you still miss him. If it is the case, I suggest you to draw her face with vibrant colors. Her face reminds you how much you love a girl and colors motivate you to add all possible colors of joy, happiness and glory into her life.


  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Appreciation
  • Loyalty

I have highlighted the best designs of watercolor tattoos. One thing that you need to make sure before you visit a tattoo artist is that he knows all about water color art. Another important thing is clarity of design as no lining needle is used in the tattooing, so it’s important to add different shade with great lucidity.

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