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11 Vintage Hairstyle Inspirations

Vintage hairstyles are adored by all the women of this world because they have charm, beauty and perfect. If you also crave for a different show, to grab more attention and love from your followers you might want to don a nice style this weekend. It’s never a bad idea to wear an old look, perhaps we all should remember the old times together because people from the past are better known for their perfect self-grooming apart from the hairstyling.

If you happen to watch old movies you might have noticed that old Hollywood celebrities used to wear  nice and sleek curls even though they did not have advanced styling machines as we have today with us. Sometimes I just wonder as how those beautiful actresses actually managed to maintain their hair that gracefully without using products, the secret is hidden in the styling technique. A few brush strokes in a different direction result in a messy yet finely combed hairstyle, maybe this is a kind of skill that old hairstylists had- they knew how to bring out the beauty of a haircut by thorough and accurate brushing.

We all attend parties on weekends for we make special preparations because they are exciting. Those two special days allows us to show off our beautiful clothing, branded watches and collection of new scents which otherwise go unnoticed during the working days. Maybe this weekend you wish to transform yourself completely for yourself for the sake of old times’ memories.

I am sharing some vintage hairstyle inspirations that would definitely impress you.

Marilyn’s Inspired Finger Waves:

I am sure this reminds you of the golden star ‘Marilyn Monroe’, this is sad that she is not with us anymore but she has left many good things behind for her friends such as nice hairstyles, clothing trends and makeup inspirations.

Lovely vintage finger wavesPinned up rolls:

The hair is greased thoroughly and then it is pinned up in a nice pattern by making some rolls. Making it is a fun task, just take one greasy hair section in your hand, twist it a bit and pin it up. You need it do with all the front hair until you get this vintage look, adorn the style with a red flower like her.

Pinned up vintage rolls

Barbie’s Hair:

Just like today’s women, old stars were a big friend of cartoon characters, one of the best is Barbie doll of course. Even today you will find a lot of women wanting to look like a doll- well you can transform your hair like her without much effort, take some bangs and make a roll of it, pin it up in the middle. You can make two twisted rolls by this method.

vintage barbie hairstyle

Rolled updo:

Old stars used to do it on their black hair while modern women are doing it on the colored hair. You can dye hair in a temporary color just in case you also want a modern touch in the style.
Vintage beauty rolls

Beehive for blonde:

Her hair is done beautifully, the beehive seems to have a nice shape. The front hair is long but it’s not cut or trimmed instead it is shaped up in bangs.

Vintage beehive style

Vintage Blunt hair:

This is truly inspired by Cleopatra  of old movies. You need to apply a lot of hair balm in order to have this perfect style.
vintage blunt hairstyle

Bouffant style with bangs:

Team up the bouffant with some loose curls and beautify yourself by adding vintage accessories like a tie shaped pin.

vintage bouffant hairstyle Gold Faux bob:

Old women did not have curling machines so they used balm to prepare their hair, this is an exact example of how one can roll their hair to make a faux shaped bob by using creams only.

Vintage faux bob with ribbon

Textured Bowl cut:

You can see two small bumpy hair on the updo, it is completely with the textured blunt fringe on the forehead. Women of old times used to wear such styles more often than usual.

vintage curls with flowers

Classy Party Curls:

It seems to have a modern touch even though it’s a century old style. The curls are pined up nicely and their arrangement is impressive.vintage curly hairstyle inspirationsSimple Vintage Style:

This one is cool it has some messiness besides an antique touch. The use of headbands was a common thing for girls and women alike in the old days.

vintage hairstyle


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