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Top 5 Hottest Vampires of The Vampires Diaries

If you are a fan of vampire diaries then you might have your own list of top 5 hottest vampires, I would surely not like to change your list and its pattern. I’m here just to share my own list that is completely based on my likes.

People who haven’t watched The Vampire Diaries or TVD are surely missing a mind blowing TV series that has almost everything a drama needs “ Emotions, Love, Magic, Rage, Reality, and many other amazing features”. I started watching vampire diaries two years ago, and I’m a big fan of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. Before this series, Robert Pattinson or Edward was my favorite vampire from Twilight and he still is. But I must admit that watching complete series of TVD is far better and delightful experience from watching Twilight series. When you watch series, you get to know every single character and this makes you emotionally attached with drama. Am I wrong in my statement? Well, whether you agree with me or not you would surely like to agree with list.

The vampire diaries elena gilbert, stefan and damon

Top 5 Hottest Vampires of TVD

Let’s start countdown.

5.Tyler Lockwood

He is a werewolf-vampire hybrid possessing strength and power of both super natural species. When he was a human being, he was cool and amazing but when he turned into hybrid; he became undoubtedly super cool. Whenever he gets agry, his veins of neck stretched and this one little thing make him look very hot, indeed. As he is a hybrid, so you can see him in two different forms. What I like about The Vampire Diaries is that it provides great variations of characters and super natural creatures. Hybrid is a thing a mostly like about because he can cause harm to vampires as well, while vampires can’t kick him out. If you like cool guy with extra strength then you would surely admire Tyler Lockwood who can turn into a beast whenever he wants and kick everything out that comes into his way.

Tyler lockwood werewolf

4.Elijah Mikaelson

The most decent vampire of The Vampire diaries is sweet Elijah. Unlike other vampires who often lost control over their emotions and action, this blood thirsty creature comes with well-controlled personality. He is man of his words. If he is not a vampire then I will like him only due to his nice behavior. One thing I learned from him is to “stick with your words”, if you give your words one time then no matter what comes into your way, you should stick to your promise. Elijah remains concerned about his family and his weakness is his family; this one thing makes this vampire quite similar to human beings. We can’t give preference to anything over our family. So, I would keep this decent, handsome and elegant vampire on fourth position of top 5 hottest vampires of the Vampire diaries list.

elijah handsome vampire

good vampire in vampire diaries tv series

decent vampire of TVD

3.Niklaus Mikaelson famous as “Klaus”

He is bad vampire or simply “very, very bad”. He is hot and handsome. I really like his attitude and accent. TVD took a really new look when he appeared in it. In first series, we didn’t know what actually “The Originals” stands for but once we knew it changed our way of thinking. Klaus said to Elena Gilbert in Dark Reunion,

I’m one of the Old Ones! An Original! Do you know what that means? I’ve never died. Every one of you has died, you gallery of spooks! But not me. Death can’t touch me. I am invincible!

klaus hybrid vampire and werewolf

cute smile of klaus

joseph morgan in vampire diaries

He has a really powerful character in complete series and he definitely justified his character. His name was enough to shiver in the series. He is One who doesn’t really care about Vampires as his brother Elijah does, so his careless attitude makes his really attractive (this is what I think, no need to be agree with me).

2.Stefan Salvatore

He is the main hero of the Vampire Diaries and one of the sweetest guy I ever know. He is a lot of things “a friend, a helper, an adviser,a teacher, a lover” The writer of this series has definitely tried to create a perfect vampire just to make us fall in love for him. Before Stefan, we all think that vampires are only care about blood and other things are meant nothing to them but this sweet Vampire remind us the “Human” inside a “monster”.Her love for Elena is completely selfless and adorable. No matter what comes to Elena’s path, he is always there to help her whether she loves him or not; this is indeed emotion yet really beautiful aspect of his character. Love doesn’t mean to stick with your partner, but it means to stand by him or her in every situation (good or bad).

stefan salvatore

Hero of vampire diaries tv series

stefan salvatore a riper

1.Damon Salvatore

Oh my God, He is really hot. I really love his character in the Vampire Diaries. I kept him on top because he deserves this position. He is a bad vampire but it doesn’t mean that he is really bad. He taught all of us “never judge people from their attitude” try to “find good inside bad people”.

handsome ian somerhalder damon salvatore character in TVD bad vampire of vampire diaries


He is impulsive, rude and flirt, these three traits along with his body language makes him a perfect villain and then the hero of The Vampire Diaries. When he was playing villain role in first series of TVD then I never dislike him. I like the way he performs his role. If I say him “a perfectionist” then it won’t be wrong. What I like the most about his character is that he pushes you to embrace who you actually are not to be  a person who others like. If you are a bad person, just accept it and vice versa. I can write a very long essay on his style, attitude and other things but of course I don’t want to annoy my readers. So, let’s end it here.

One thing that I want to make clear for you is that this list of Top 5 Hottest Vampires of the Vampire Diaries is based on my judgement,. But I’m pretty sure that many fans will be agreed with me. In case you want to reorder the list then feel free to do this in below comment box. You can also add other vampires in the list.

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