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Top 5 Angry Birds Features Make you Game Addict

I played Angry Birds almost three months ago but I successfully completed its all episodes two years ago.I This game comes with many features but I would like to share top 5 Angry Birds features that drive every player really crazy. Before I unlock best features, I must say that it is one of my favorite games on smartphone and tablets. Whenever I get some free time, I like to explore world of Angry warriors.So, let’s start exploring some great features now.

Top 5 angry birds features

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1.All levels are Super addictive

When you start playing this game then sooner or later you realize that you become addict to it. You don’t like to do other work because your complete interest will only in this game. When I played it first time, I experienced the same. I became super addict to it. I completed my college work asap and then started playing game . To be honest, I only liked to play and complete my work. I had little or no interest in other task. However, I handle this addiction after a few months. So, it makes you crazy for sometime but you can get over this craze only when you realize the fact.

ultimate addict game angry birds

2.An interesting Story

Another feature that make this game really special is its story.  The main story includes Angry Birds and pigs. Pig sstuck on an island and they have nothing to eat. They start eating eggs of birds which make birds really agry. So they start a war with pigs and kill them. The moral of story is to fight with enemies who destroy your family. No matter what danger comes to your family members, you should try to protect them in all possible ways.

interesting story of angry birds

3.Mega destruction is Possible 

This game wants you to destroy wooden made home of pigs with angry birds and a bow. You might not realize but when you become angry then we all prefer to destroy everything that comes into our way. So, angry bird let you what you really like to do. There is no need to stop yourself in any way. Let your ager flow out of your mind in a way that you always like. Destroy as much as you can. This is the first time that you will earn point for mega destruction.

destroy pigs angry birds

4.Warrior birds with Special powers

It is among the best top 5 Angry Birds features.The main heroes or birds of this game are really special. Every bird has his own way of destroying the pigs. One little blue bird looks tiny but once you tap on it then you see his twin brothers. One turn into three. You should use them to cause major destruction to glass made walls. Second special bird i like the most in this game is yellow bird that has triangle face shape. This bird let you aim at target with any angle you like to use. You can fire him to any angle like forward, straight, up and down. Green parrot is another character of angry birds. He comes for short period but let you enjoy the game at its fullest.

angry birds all characters

5.Game Lets you Use your Mind 

this game requires you to use your mind. You should try to complete each level of game with three stars. With the help of mind, you are in a position to do maximum destruction. One important tip for getting three stars in each level is to keep your focus on the base. Try to hit the base in a bombastic manner. Complete home will be on ground when there is no wall or brick in the base.

use your minds

I have shared top 5 angry birds features that i like the most about this game. My experience with this game is quite delightful. Nowadays when i want to fresh my mind then i start playing it. I have downloaded its latest version on my android smartphone.I am sure you will enjoy it as well. In case you have already played this game , it’s time to share all those features which you like about this game.

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