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Top 10 lessons from Once Upon a time TV series

Once Upon a Time TV series is quite impressive. A connection between fairy tales and real world is created in a really interesting manner. I have watched two complete seasons and I will start third season next tomorrow. Its fifth season has started and rating of previous four seasons are high. I am not here to tell you what how this TV series is going on but my intention is to unlock top 10 lessons that everyone can learn from it. Though it is based on fairy tale character but it has a lot of things that we can follow in our life and make it better. Let’s find out.

1.Good Always Wins

Yes, it is true and will always be. Sometimes people do bad to good people just for taking revenge or self satisfaction. They might take happiness away from the life of good people just for a short time ;but they can not take it forever. Sooner or later good people get what they really deserve whether it is their happiness or real love.Keep in mind that good and evil war has been started from a very long time. Just check the history and you will know that evil may succeed for a limited time but good always defeat evil and success is forever.

good wins once upon a time

good fight evil

2.Don’t let your darkness prevail

We all have darkness inside, some people show it like Regina and some overcome it just like snow white. You can see in the TV series how much people dislike the evil queen and how much they care about snow white. So, always try to be on bright side and never let your inside darkness to take full control of you.

evil queen darkness

3.Try to see Good in Bad people

Well, I really appreciate Bell because she is the one who can see good in the Dark One/ Rumplestillskin. It is really possible to bring positive changes in bad people by showing good attitude and kindness.

beauty and the beast

4.Everyone deserves a Second chance

In our world, problem has risen to a great level because we are not ready to give another chance to people. We should keep in mind that we all do mistakes, no one is perfect. If someone feels regret on his bad act then you should give him a second chance. If you do this then that person might not follow wrong path again. So try to be nice at least, no matter how much bad has happened.

evil vs good in once upon a time tv series

5.Things get better when you truly believe on yourself

In Storybrooke, Emma Swan broke the Curse only when she truly believed on what she really was. You can apply the same rule in your life. If you want to be successful in any field of life, you first need to believe in yourself. Try to know who you actually are, what you really want and how can you spend your life in a better way. You can do some magic in your life, as soon as you open up yourself in the mirror.

believe yourself .

6.Its never too late

If you want to do something really amazing or better in your life or if you want to start over then listen to Snow White who says, “one thing I learned from my life, it is never too late” So try to learn the same lesson. People hesitate sometimes just because they think that they are late, they should do it before. They are indeed mistaken. For example, if you have lost a friend due to your wrong attitude and you feel regret then go and “say sorry”. You would either resume your friendship or get rid of nasty regret feeling.In either case, it is win-win situation. What you think?

emma swan and snowhite its never too late

7.Try to let go what stops you from moving ahead

It is indeed hard to let go but once you do this then you become better and enjoy better life experience. The best example to share here is that of a girl who broke up with her love. She find it hard to let go, she sees darkness around and feels really bad about herself. She can walk on this dark path as long as she keeps scratching her past. Once she burns the boats filled with past memories, she starts feeling better.It is the point where she lets go bad past for the best present and future. Let go your past love and let fresh air and light in your life. Because we all deserve happiness and peace.

let go your past

8.Protect your family,no matter what comes into your way

It is one of the best lesson comes from Once Upon a Time TV series. You never have to make a compromise on family protection. We all care about our family members like Snow White and Prince Charming.They are ready to pay any price  care for their family reunion and protection. This simple principle must be follow by us, if you want real happiness in life.

family of snow white

9.Don’t leave behind people who love you

It is really important to be together. If your friend or family member is in trouble, then you should find a way to help them. These days, people care more about their emotions and happiness and less about family members and friends; this is indeed a wrong approach. Don’t turn back, try to stand by with your family and friends in every situation. Sharing happiness is easier than sharing sadness. Move on the hard path because only coward choose an easy path.

never abadon your love ones

10.Only True love breaks curse

In this world, no witch cast a spell or curse but don’t forget about bad people. Curse can also be started by those who are jealous of you, don’t want you to be successful, can not tolerate your happiness,etc. In simple word envy people or your enemies can surely bring curse intoyour happy life. When it happens then you feel lost. Darkness surrounds you, the best way to ger rid of it is try to focus on real love. Love your family and friends more than before. And after a bit of hard time period, happinesd will be resumed. Trust me “curse still exists in 21st century”

true love breaks curse in tv series

In short, I have learned many lessons from Once Upon a Time TV series. This series is worth watching your time and you must recommend it to your friends and kids. You might get to know some more lessons. I have shared mine and you can share yours below.

If you have watched Once Upon a Time TV series then you definitely have an idea of its story and characters. I just want you to share your unbiased opinions regarding this post lesson. Correct me if I am wrong in my statements..

One more thing .. We all deserve Happy Ending…..

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