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Play with Colors and Do Stunning Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Green eyed girls don’t need to limit their choice of colors when it comes to making their eyes pop. They can play with a lot of colors and do some really remarkable eye makeup for green eyes. In order to help them in this regard, I’m here to share some really amazing ideas. Every idea requires you to blend more than one eye shadow. You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist for trying this kind of stuff. If you have basic makeup knowledge then trying this idea would not be a hard task for you. Let’s dig into some cool ideas.

1.Rainbow Eye Makeup

You often see beautiful rainbow scene on sky but it’s time to grab some look for your green eyes. Spreading multiple colors on your eyes is not an easy job to do but trust me if you do this with a little caution and care, the result would be eye-catching.

colorful eye makeup


Things You’ll need

  • Black eyeliner, mascara and Kohl
  • Primer and Cream base
  • Eye Shadow: Blue, green, carbon, white, pink, yellow,zinc,Purple

How to do:

  • Make your eyes ready for makeup. Start with primer and then apply a bit of cream base or foundation. Blend it properly and create a neat base to start with colorful eye makeup.
  • You need to make three sections of colors on your upper lid : yellow for inner-V, dark pink for middle and purple for outer V corner of eyes. Lower lid would have two sections: green for inner eye area and zinc for outer eye area. Color for highlighter  area is light pink and pigmented white.
  • Apply shades to their designated sections. You don’t need to blend every shade a lot. Just take a bit and then blend it with one or two strokes of brush. If you do excess blending then color would get mixed and you might not achieve desirable results.
  • Once you done with eye-shadows, you have to apply black eyeliner. Fill waterline with kohl and give final touch with black eye mascara.

2. Vibrant aqua eye makeup for Green Eyes

Aqua colors are my favorite as they add deep impact into your colored eyes. The beauty of green eyes can easily with enhanced with this single shade. Sometimes, when you want to get ready for a casual party then you can give this makeup as it brings extra charm into your persona.

aqua eyeshadow with silver highlighter


Things You’ll need

  • Eye Shadow Primer and Cream Base
  • Sky blue eye mascara
  • Black Eye Mascara
  • White Highlighter
  • Blue Eye Pencil
  • Light and Dark aqua Eye-Shadow

How to Do:

  • Make your eye base with primer and cream base. Wait for almost 3 minutes, just to let it dry. You can use eye concealer when you have to hide your under eye circles.
  • Apply light aqua shade on your upper eyelid. Blend it with a simple eye makeup brush. You need to keep this shade below your crease area.
  • Make an Outer-V on your eyes with the help of dark aqua eye shadow. You also have to define your lower lash line and crease with this shade.
  • It’s time to use white shade and spread it on your highlighter and above crease eye area. Take a bit of it and blend it with you’re Q-tip on inner V corner area of your eyes. Take a thin eye makeup brush and then apply a bit of white highlighter below your lower blue lashline shade.
  • Apply black eye mascara on upper lashes and use blue mascara for lower lashes.
  • Fill water-line with blue eye pencil.

3.Plum and yellow Sparkle Makeup for Green eyes

We all know green eyes can easily be enhanced with the mean of yellow color but it’s time to mix plum with yellow for amplifying the aesthetic of your eyes.

yellow makeup for eyes

Things You’ll need

  • Eye Makeup primer and foundation base
  • Glitter Eye Shadow: Yellow, green
  • Plum eye pencil
  • Highlighter: Silver
  • Black Eyeliner and eye mascara

How to do:

  • Apply primer and foundation for making clear cut eye-base.
  • Spread glittery lemon shade on your upper lid.
  • Define your eye crease with the mean of plum eye-pencil. You don’t need to use plum shades as they would spread and might not give your eyes promising appeal.
  • You have to enhance beauty of inner-V corner area with the mean of green eyeshadow.
  • Use silver shade on your eyes highlighter area and close to lower lashline.
  • Create winged style eyeliner and then give this makeup a final touch with black eye mascara.
  • Don’t forget to fill your waterline with plum eye-pencil.

4.Dark Blue Smoky makeup

Want to try smoky makeup for green eyes? I have a fabulous idea to try for. You don’t need to use a lot of shades for getting this look. All you need to do is to pick the best shade and then to blend it in a professional manner.

smokey eye makeup idea

Things You’ll need

  • Eye Primer
  • Cream base
  • Dark Blue Eye Shadow
  • Silver Highlighter
  • Long lashes black eye mascara

How to do:

  • Start your makeup with primer and then blend it along with cream base foundation. Wait for almost 3 minutes.
  • Apply dark blue pigmented eye shadow on your eyes. You need to apply it on your upper and lower eyelid. The beauty of smoky makeup is dependent on outer-V corner of your eyes. Take a bit of black shade and make a perfect-V. You can also use blue eye pencil just to get clear look.
  • Apply silver highlighter, blend it with a soft eye makeup brush.
  • You can also use this highlighter under your lower lash line just to grab sparkling appearance.
  • You don’t need to go for eye liner. Use long lashes eye mascara for making your eyes look simply graceful.

5.Dark Eye Makeup

Want to look stunning on an upcoming night party? I suggest green eyed girls to opt for black smoke. This idea draw out beauty of eyes instantly and give you a hot girl look. Know how you need to do this.

black and green eye makeup for green eyes

Things you’ll need

  • Cream base for eyes
  • Eyeshadow: black and green
  • Silver highlighter
  • Kohl
  • Green glitter shade
  • Black eye mascara

How to do:

  • You need to make neat base with the mean of cream foundation. Blend it a bit.
  • Apply dark black eyeshadow on upper eyelid. You have to blend it with a hard brush as you have to get dark look. Make a clear outer-V with the mean of black eye pencil and then blend it a bit with dark green shade.
  • On crease, you need to use dark green eyeshadow.You can blend it with black but don’t blend too much. Green shade must have to appear separately.
  • Take glittery green shadow and spread it close to lower lashline.
  • Apply silver highlighter from inner v area to highlighter areas of your eyes.
  • Fill waterline with kohl.
  • Use long lashes eye mascara to make your looks simply amazing.

I have provided you 5 really cool ideas of eye makeup for green eyes. Every idea want you to play it with different colors and shades. You must have good practice in making outer-V area of your eyes corncer . If you have difficulty in making this corner then you can use eye pencil to draw the outlines instead of using an eyeshadow. In order to get clean makeup at the end, you can paste makeup tape around and under your eye areas. Fix them during makeup and remove them at the end. In this way, area around your eyes would remain intact and you will grab neat makeup look.

Girls! It’s time to give vote to an idea that you like the most.

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