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4 Step by Step Nail art Designs That Only Take 5 Minutes

Are you a newbie to manicure? I would like to share 4 easy step by step nail art designs with you. This designs are quite simple and follow and don’t require any kind of professional skill. Any girl even a kid can do it quite effortlessly. Interesting thing is that you can try it anytime,just you need a few things which are usually available in our home. Before I start this guide, I want to make one thing clear that you can try any color combination. The tutorials require red, blue, silver and gold nail polish. But you can use your own favorite colors. The main idea is to follow simple technique. So, let’s tap on these designs now.

Idea No.1 Blue and Red Geometrical Nails

blue easy nail designs


I really like angles and geometry, so I try to use such design from time to time. In case you also like symmetry and angles then you should consider this idea.

Things You’ll need

  • Nail Vinyl
  • Nail polish: Red, silver and blue
  • Top coat
  • Nail polish remover and tissue paper

How to do?

Here are four easy steps that let you do this job in a quick way.

  1. Apply silver nail polish and give it at least 3 minutes to get dried completely.
  2. Now apply top coat on your nails and then set two vinyl strips in a cross shape on your nail.
  3. Spread blue nail polish on upper and lower triangles and use red for side angles.
  4. Remove vinyl and you can see a beautiful design on your nail. Don’t worried about the polish that spread on your side nail skin. Use nail remover and do a quick cleanup operation.

I’m sure it will be great fun for you to create this amazing yet simple manicure.

Idea No.2 Step by Step Nail art designs for Short nails

red easy nail art

Girls with short nails think that they should stick with simple nail paint and shouldn’t try some fancy designing, it is indeed a wrong approach. You can also enhance the beauty of your short nails, only you need to focus on simple guide like one I’m sharing here.

Things You’ll need

  • Nail Vinyl
  • Golden nail polish
  • Red Nail polish
  • Top coat

How to do?

  1. Apply golden nail polish on your nail and let it dry for a few minutes.
  2. Apply top coat on your nail and then fix vinyl in two stripes form. You can cut vinyl into sheet, I only wrapped it around finger as it seems easy to me.
  3. Now apply red nail polish generously on your nails.
  4. After one minute remove vinyl and you can see beautiful gold and red nail stripes designs.

This design look really cute on short nails. Depending on nail size, you can increase or decrease stripes. Once you know this technique, you are in a position to create stripes either vertically or horizontally.

Idea No.3 Red and Silver Inverted V-shaped Nail design 

red and gold step by step nail art designs

Another fabulous design that you can try on your nail is V-shaped Silver and red stripes. I’m going to share a very simple tutorial for your comfort. Check out what I have for you.

Things You’ll need

  • Scotch tape
  • Scissor
  • Red nail polish
  • Silver nail polish
  • Top coat

How to do?

  1. Apply red nail polish as a base and wait for a few minutes until it gets dried completely.
  2. Create six small stripes from one patch of scotch tape with the mean of scissors. Combine two stripes in V-shaped. Place at least three-V on your nails.
  3. Apply silver nail polish on your nails even cover your stripes. Remove stripes after 5 seconds.
  4. You will see beautiful V-shaped nail art. Don’t forget to secure your superb manicure with top coat application.

Idea No.4 Adore Pinky with Triple Angled Design

red and pink cute nail design idea

It is one of the cutest step by step nail art designs that you would surely like to follow. This design will only takes 5 minutes but looks really amazing.

Things You’ll need

  • Pink nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • Scotch tape stripes
  • Top coat

How to do?

  1. Apply red nail polish and wait for 2 minutes.
  2. Use three tape stripes and fix them in an angled form on your pinky.
  3. Apply soft pink nail polish on your nail.
  4. Remove stripes after 3 seconds and enjoy fabulous stripes manicure. Apply top coat for getting finish look. If nail polish cover your nail side then use nail polish remover.

Girls!you have 4 easy nail art tutorials. I’m sure you would like to try them. Whenever you give them a shot, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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