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24 Short haircuts for Women just to Get Model Look

Want to grab model look? It is suggested to explore 24 cool ideas of short haircuts for women. Every idea is unique and promise to render you “Bold and beautiful look”. You don’t need to opt for ordinary short hairstyles but when you are in a position to get extra-ordinary charm with fascinating hair style. Good thing about short style is that it is easy to maintain and you don’t need to spend a lot of time in its styling. You are able to get ready for formal or casual event in less than 15 minutes. Some haircuts require styling products while other could be worn without textured spray, gel or cream application. It’s time to unlock my cool collection of short hair.

1.Short Curtain Hairstyle

curtained short hair

Need something sleek and stylish to try for? Curtained hairstyle is indeed the right option. Hair dresser offer neat and clean look to your hair by cutting hair short and making simple yet eye-catching hair curtains. The length of hair is completely your choice but it is good to keep side hair lengtj shorter , just to make this haircut really prominent from side angles.

2. Perfect Red Stacked bob style

stacked bob

Women who want to look bold and charming must considered stacked bob styling. The length of hair is long at front while back hair usually have short length just to make every stack clearly separate from another stack. In order to make this style simply chic, you need to prefer changing hair color. Red is my favorite shade but of course you can go for burgundy, auburn, etc.

3. Glam Gel style

short gel hair

Before you squeeze gel out of bottle, you need to taper side hair and also to get a short graduated layered haircut where hair length will be longer on front than back side. Gel hairstyles are not really common among girls but they definitely bring extra charm and glam into one’s personality. Once you have a short haircut, the next thing to do is to apply gel and get wet look style with the help of your hair comb.

4. Slicked back hair

slicked back hairstyles

I really adore this short haircut as it makes your look super eye-catching. You need textured styling cream gel and spray for grabbing the same look. A pixie short haircut can easily be turned into slicked back hairstyle , all you need is the best styling cream or gel along with a white tooth hair comb.Tapered sides and back would make this haircut quite prominent and promising.

5. Long side bangs with Short simple bob

long bangs short bobs

It is common to opt for singular angle bob haircut but you don’t need to get common look. Try to make a bit difference into your overall short hairstyle. It is suggested to side part your hair and consider getting a longer fringe than overall bob hair length. This is an unusual form of styling which would make you quite attractive.Would you like to try it?

6.Cool Faux Hawk

faux hawk hair

Switching from long to very short hair length is indeed a bold step. Always try to take this bold step with bold short haircut such as Faux hawk- it is the most popular pop music hairstyle. Tons of male and female pop stars prefer this style as it has everything that need to acquire i.e. glamor and modern touch.

7.Fohawk haircut

fohawk hair

You are able to try Fohawk haircut at home. All you need to make a ponytail by grabbing your front and crown hair into and elastic hair band. Taper hair from sides and back. At the end, you need to cut short ponytail hair. The end result would be quite astonishing as you have cut your own hair in Fohawk style. It is indeed an easy job to do at home, you don’t need to rely on any professional artist.

8. V-Angled short bob

v angled bob cut

It is among the top model haircut idea that would make it possible for you to grab sexy woman look. The angles of this bob haircut are blunt. A hair dresser usually take help from razor to create V-angles on your short bob hair style. You can create more than one-V angles in your style but try to keep it lower just to get clear look.

9.Flat top short haircuts for womenflat top hairstyles for women

Flat top is a military style haircut that is rare among women. If you want to look different and attractive then this haircut would surely fulfill your desire. You can make your top heavy or light depending on hair length you want to see on the top. This haircut requires constant maintenance as hair grow easily leaving impact on flat area of your head.

10. One sides Short Angled Tresses

whisky short hair

Before you get this haircut, you must need to know which side suits you the most i.e. right or left. Turn your hair first at right side and take your selfie. Now turn all hair at left side and take second selfie. Compare both selfie to decide which side would be the best for your next short haircut. Once you have decided about side then it would be easy for hair dresses to leave angled fringed on that side and shave another side.

11. Round neck bob haircut

short bob chic style

The beauty of sleek and straight bob haircut always attracts. But you can surely add a bit change into this simple style. you need to taper your nape in half moon style and this simple shaving task would make your hair style appearance mind blowing. Top hairstylists always try to taper model hair from nape and side area because they know that such changes make style quite unique; so follow the same path.

12.Blonde Pixie bangs 

shaved sleek bangs

Shave sides of head and keep pixie bangs at front is a hairstyle that offer you really cool look. In order to keep your fringe straight and sleek, you need to use hair styling cream- which shouldn’t be really greasy. With the mean of hair comb, turn hair at one side and keep bangs on your forehead. You don’t need to cover full forehead with bangs.

13. Boycut gel setting style

sleek short haircut

If you have a boy haircut then it’s time to follow Emma Watson. She appeared on red carpet with wet look hairstyle. You can grab the same look by picking a greasy gel from your makeup section. Apply gel on your hair, be generous when it comes to scooping out. Use it throughly and then comb your hair after side parting them.This way you would be able to give perfect feminism touch to this male haircut.

14.Short red quiff

short red quiff hairstyles

If you are passionate about pop music then you surely like to copycat pop star looks and style. So, I have picked one really great short haircut idea for you and this idea cost you your complete hair. Shave your head but keep a bit of hair almost 2-3 inches on head. Dye them with red hair color and then create a soft yet funky quiff. I know this hairstyle can only be worn by bold women as it really want you to wipe out your hair to a great extent.

15.Red and yellow round neck bob

red and yellow round neck bob style

Red always compliments yellow, so why don’t you try such hair color for your upcoming round neck bob haircut. The hair length of this short haircut for women would keep longer at front and shorter from the back.The round neck style would be created by shaving hair from nape in half-moon angle. If you don’t like red-yellow combo then you can pull off the same look with your own favorite color combination.

16. Short spiky haircut for Women

short faux hawk women hairstyles

You must give a try to this sharp look haircut. Your hair length must be more than 2-inches for creating promising spikes. With the mean of textured hair spray or gel, you find it easy to create gravity defying spiky hair. As far as sides hair are concerned, you need to keep hair length equal to or less than 1 inches.

whisky short hair

17.Fly over Sleek bangs with spikes

fly away bangs hairstyles

Focus only on fringe is another good idea to consider. You don’t need to limit length of your bangs only to forehead when a little increase in length would render you a funky appearance. It’s good to keep hair length short from sides and add a bit of spikes on crown area. It is among the best short haircuts for women.

18. Black Fan Mohawk

short fan mohawk hairstyles for women

This haircut would offer you model look instantly since tons of models all over the globe give a preference to short and long mohawk hairstyles. Shaved both sides of head and get a little trail of hair strand in the middle. Create a small fan with your hair and become an attractive style diva.

19.Cute Blonde Fringe
short haircuts for women with blonde hair

Blonde women must consider getting this fringe along with pixie. This combination of short hair style really help you stand out of the crowd. Models on runway often appear with pixie because they want to provide great highlight on their face, neck and outfit.

20. The Real Buzz

buzz short haircuts for women

Are you ready to go outside with very short haircut? If answer is yes then you should opt for this great hairstyle idea. An instant bold woman appearance would be achieved with this hairstyle. You can taper your hair to less than one-inches. You need to shave head in a way that your scalp skin is visible.

21. Asymmetrical Short Hair Style

long short bob haircut

This is one of the best short haircuts for women. All you need to go for asymmetrical hair angles. Keep hair long at one side and short at another side and from back. Side partition is required before getting this stunning hair cut. When it comes to styling, you need to use hair cream and hair iron. Blow dryer can be used just to give your style a casual look.

22.Short Curls with Full bangs

bangs and wavy hairstyles

Full hair bangs bring style and charm into persona. You need to combine them with short semi-formal curls. This kind of style seems good an occasion. You should use textured hair spray while getting thick curls into your hair.

23. Razor side Parting

deep parted curly short

Razor side parting is quite common among men but women can surely grab the same touch to their own hair styling. Deep partition is made with the help of razor. One side of hair length is longer than another side. It is good to keep hair length short from back as well, just to enable volume boost appearance only on front and crown area of head.

24.Short Shaved Mohawk

short haircuts for women (24)A single line of hair on fully shaved head is a common hairstyle of top Hollywood models. This particular hairstyle provides glamor touch to one’s personality. You need to neatly shave your head while leaving almost one inches hair from front to back in the middle area of head. It is the shortest form of mohawk hairstyle for women.

Finally! you have 24 cool ideas of short haircuts for women. After exploring these ideas, it would have become really easy for you to decide which hairstyle would look great on you. Some of these haircuts could be tried at home with the mean of DIY approach but if you have little or no knowledge of haircut then it is strongly advisable to seek professional help; otherwise you end up with bad look.

Don’t forget to share your comment about a haircut that you like the most in the collection.


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