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20 Short Haircuts for Men for Ultimate Handsome Guy Look

Need some great ideas of short haircuts for men and short hair styling ideas for men? Definitely, you are at the right place. I will share some of the best short hairstyles for men for you here.Today, I would offer you a chance to explore some really amazing short hairstyle that turns you into a handsome man. You can make your look super magnetic, no matter what short haircut you picks from this collection. One thing, I would like to make crystal clear at this point is that all haircuts are trendy or simply ever-green. It’s mean you would be fashion forward, if you follow any of it.

natural curly short hair for men

Collection of 20 Short Haircuts for Men

1.Side Swept Hairstyle

If you want to grab professional look, then all you have to do is to follow this haircut. You need to shaved your side hair while keeping hair length 2-3 inches in the middle. Apply hair wax or gel and sweep your hair at one side. This is among a low fade men haircut with a bolder line-which you normally gets with the mean of a sharp razor.

amazing short hairstyle ideas for men


2.Short Curly haircut

Do you have natural curly hair? Don’t think of going through any kind of hair straightening treatment. It’s time to embrace your look with ultimate grace. Have a look at model short haircut picture that makes you mind about wearing short curls without hesitation. If you need a bit of charm into your hairstyle, you should go for side fade hair.

natural curly short hair for men


If you want to learn as how to stylize your short hairstyle or short haircut here is a video for your guide

3.Upper Short waves style

Do you need a hairstyle that you can try in an upcoming party? All you have to do is to comb your hair up and then to adds some waves impact into them. In this way, end results with be high wavy hair.

upper quiff top high hairstyle for men


4.Taper Short Men Haircut

Another style idea which has military style in it is this one. You need to ask your barber to extremely taper your hair from side. This style is simply eye-catching.

short hairstyle for thin hair men


5.Army Style Haircut

Army or Millitary haircut, whatever you say. This kind of style definitely adds super charm  into a man’s personality. He looks tough and strong and definitely this appearance is what a guy always want to show to the world.

military men haircut idea


6.Wavy Style for Men

Another amazing wavy hairstyle that comes with a beautiful front razor line is simply inspirational.

short natural wavy hairstyle with side shaved head


7.Sharp Faux Hawk haircut

Do you want to add ultimate style into your persona? It’s time to think of faux hawk as it is among the best short haircuts for men. This hairstyle is worn by top celebrities of America. I am sure you would like to follow their fashion lead.

2016 men hairstyles short


8.Buzz Short haircuts for Men

Another rough and tough man look can easily be grabbed from short buzz men haircut. This particular style requires you to get rid of almost all hair. You don’t need to be bald but you have to shave your head in a way that your scalp is also visible. This is a good haircut for those guys who are facing baldness issue. Some young guys get this haircut in summer, just to enjoy cool breeze and also to keep themselves healthy and fit.

short buzz haircut for men


9.Sleek Short Wavy hairstyle

Fade seems like one of the popular short haircuts for men. You don’t need to get low fade instead get low hair effect on side and add amazing waves with your top head hair strands. This fade plus waves style combination seems like a great idea for men.

sleek upper waves hairsyle for men


10.Quiff  Men Hair Style

Men who like to keep their side hair short while top hair long consider this hairstyle. All you have to do is to move your hair up against the gravity. Before you get quiff, you need to trim your hair. Simply ask your barber to help you making a beautiful gravity-defying quiff hairstyle.

short haircuts for men with quiff


11.Short Pompadour men hairstyle

If you don’t have a cool guy look, then it is time to grab such appearance. All you have to do is to wear modern pompadour hairstyle. This hairstyle is considered super trendy in fashion run-way and red-carpets. Top models and celebrities prefer it over other short haircuts, so why don’t you follow the same hairstyle trend.modern pompadour haircuts for men


12.Middle Short Size Razor haircut

You must know that size razor parting lines are becoming really popular. You can add this line into almost any short men hairstyle. If you have a plan to get more hair in the middle and less or nothing at the side then try this haircut. It seems close to undercut men hairstyle but still it is different in many way.

new 2016 hairstyles for men


13.Short spikes with Bold Side Razor Line

Normally, guys move spikes vertically up and high but this time you need to keep them up from your head but in a diagonal direction. This change in spikes direction definitely boosts up your persona’s appeal to a great extent. Try this haircut with bold side parting line.It is among the best short guy haircuts.

spikes hairstyles for men 2016


14.Messy Fire quiff

This is among the short casual hairstyle for men. Normally, you have to use different styling gels and creams before you get an amazing style  appeal. But when we say casual, it simply means that you need to  keep your hands off creams and gels and go as natural as possible. Use only hair spray once you move your fire style a bit wavy quiff up.

messy short hairstyle for men


15.Slicked Side hairstyle

Grab some hair wax, apply it on your hair and comb your hair at one side. This sleek hairstyle looks amazing, if you have shaved your side hair with grace.

healthy men short hairstyle


16.Combover Short Haircut for Men

This particular men hairstyle requires you to get rid of side hair and focus on middle hair portion. Apply a bit of hair wax and comb your hair up or in the side. In order to add a bit of glam into this style, you can get a sharp side line with the mean of razor. If you don’t know how to get this deep partition line on a side like Cristiano Ronaldo, you better get a helping hand of an expert barber.

combover hairstyle for men


17.Short Mohawk Hairstyle 

This is a among the popular hairstyle for youngsters. But now man have also paying attention to this short haircut as David Beckham offered them enough style inspiration.

short mohawk hairstyle with side shaved


18.Short Pixie Haircuts 

Pixie seems like a good option for those guys who don’t mind wearing very short hair. This style doesn’t require much styling but still look very cool.

short pixie haircuts for men


19.Short Ponytail hairstyle

You don’t always need very long hair for copying amazing men ponytail hairstyles. You can still make a small cute ponytail by gathering all your hair on the back. It is a fact that only cool guy can imitate this picture guy look as it is.

short ponytail hairstyle for modern men


20.Short Crew Haircut for men

Asian men usually opt for crew haircut when they have natural wavy or curly hair. Indian and Pakistani men prefer the same kind of hairstyling. They keep their hair short on top and usually taper side hair. This overall styling offers them neat appearance.

military men haircut idea


Wrap Up

I have unlocked an exclusive collection of 20 Short haircuts for men. You are able to get ideas of  fashion forward short hairstyle. One thing that is quite sure about this collection is that it is very trendy. You are free to pick a style depending on your likes and preference. Would you like to vote for best haircut of this collection? Feel free to cast a vote for a cut in a comment section below.

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