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Let’s Review some of the Best Short Guy Haircuts

Though there are tens of ideas on short guy haircuts on the internet but sometimes you just have to flip through many websites to find out the perfect one because the kind of the style you look for is almost nowhere to be found even in the pile of all the posts you read.

A short cut does not require a lot of maintenance and styling but it surely does require neat trimming on weekly basis because sometime hair grows and makes rough edges which messes with the symmetry of the style. No matter how much styling gel you use, the edges would just look different and tacky in one way or another. You need to get them trimmed before they grow even longer than before, making it hard to distinguish what your style is.

Although long haircuts are good, too but they cannot be supported all the time especially if you live in a field where discipline is everything and self-grooming is a kind of a big concern for the sake of personal reputation. The pressing question is what else can be done on hair which is already short in length and how it can styled. Well don’t even assume that spikes are just the only style you can try and make daily- you don’t need to keep doing it and redoing it in order to look more professional. This will make you look all the same, all the time. There are some other options in short guy haircuts and these are as follows.

Short Buzz cut:

I am sure you have not forgotten Jack from The Lost, he is still being remembered for his personality, haircut and grace. This style is an inspiration for those men who need short cut with added grace and elegance.

Short guy haircuts (1)

V-shaped Cropped cut:

Those who are facing severe hair fall issues might want to hold on this style because it can be their saving grace specially in terms of preventing more hair from falling.  V-shaped is adding a nice structural look to the long, oval shaped face.

Short guy haircuts (1)

V Shaped Spikes:

If you feel like keeping some nice spikes but consider the idea impossible due to short cut, here is the logical style through which you can pull off them with ease.
Short guy haircuts (2)

Messy Tight Shags:

This razor cut shag pattern can lend a new transformation to a broad face.  The sides are shaved off but not completely, this is making a good harmony with the rough textured hair in the center.

Short guy haircuts (3)

Pointed Criss-crossed Crew cut:

Hair from both sides of the head are cropped short and the center has given a nice pointed style by keeping hair strands short in length but they are criss-crossed in the middle for creating a nice crew.

Short guy haircuts (4)

Semi-Medium cropped style:

Sometimes the hair is not cut short from all the way sides to the middle, the center head is especially not shaved off completely. This combination works for professional men who don’t want to pull off shortest length of hair for the sake of their graceful personality.

Short guy haircuts (5)

Center Spikes Up:

It is good for teenagers to wear something that can look appropriate for their age.
Short guy haircuts (6)

Diagonally Horizontally Razor cut: 

It’s sleek, beautiful and appropriate to have a patterned on the front hair. If he had worn bowl cut, he might have ended up looking extra-bold or understated for his stern personality.

Short guy haircuts (7)

Thick central Fade top:

There is roughly shaved hair on the side as well as on the side burns whereas the central hair is kept styled with the thick hair.

Short guy haircuts (9)



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