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Short Asymmetrical Haircuts Make your Looks Fascinating

Short asymmetrical haircuts are becoming really popular day by day. You are able to see a wide variety of them in your routine life. Whether you check fashion runway or celebrity magazine, you will find a girl with this kind of styling. Getting symmetrical haircut make your look appealing but the real glam factor can only be added to your personal, when you consider getting an asymmetrical hair style. One thing that you always need to keep in mind is that such haircuts can only be done in a perfect manner by a professional hair dresser. So, always find someone with great experience. A professional hairstylist keeps in mind your face cut while adding edges of hair. The right angle makes your look very amazing and the wrong angle makes your unattractive.

Asymmetrical bob hair styling

If you are planning of getting a bob haircut then you should think of some angled edges. A simple bob can be made extra promising with sharp edges. Mostly professional hairstylists like to shave your side and back hair along with such styling because they want to make the style quite prominent. However, if you don’t like shaving then taper your hair a bit. Normally, you can eliminate symmetry either in your bangs or a bob cut. Even you can go for complete asymmetrical style where bob and fringe have no specific angles. Girls with think hair consider a stacked bob cut with edgy funky bangs. Instead of keeping bob short and straight, you can use shaving machine just to taper the back in simple V, inverted V or round form right.

stacked bob with highlights

black and white bob haircut

angled bob hair styles

edgy bob haircuts


Only angled hair bangs

This is one of the most common style ideas to try for. You need a small uneven angled fringe on your head. You can let your fringe fall on your forehead just to enhance your overall style look. Shaving side and back is a must with this kind of styling.In order to make this style more appealing, you can get some color highlights.

short boyish hairstyles

Asymmetrical Pixie haircuts

If you need some really short styling then pixie seems like a great idea. Your hair length would be between 1-4 inches, though some girls like to make a combo of short pixie cut with long edgy hair fringe.  Getting pixie with shaved sides and uneven angles is a popular practice. Every year, thousands of fashion divas consider getting fly forward edgy bangs with pixie just to make their personality look super bold and beautiful.

razor cut zic-zac hairstyles

side hair tattoos with pixie

angled pixie blonde haircut

stylish edgy pixie hairstylesedgy inverted V style bob cut for black hair

Clear Bowl cut with Edgy Bangs

I really like this hairstyle because it offers modern look to its wearer. Bowl haircut adds a bit of masculine touch to your persona but you can keep it completely feminine with edgy asymmetrical bangs. Sharp edges are a must because your bowl haircut is quite sleek and straight.

short asymmetrical haircuts

I have highlighted some common short asymmetrical haircuts. Now it’s up to you to opt for bob, pixie or simply bangs angled styling. No matter what style you get, it would suit you and make you simply stylish.



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