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Scratch Some Scary Halloween Makeup ideas

October has started and it’s right time to start exploring some scary Halloween makeup ideas that you would like to try on 31st October, 2015. In order to make your celebration experience comfortable, I have highlighted some really great ideas for you. You don’t have to spend many hours on makeup, if you follow these ideas. When it comes to makeup then you are in a position to go for either simple palette or special face paint. Indeed, second option gives you great comfort because you don’t have to spend hours on blending and colors are quite vibrant. You are able to get stunning makeup finish with face paint though you have to spend more time on its removal. Let’s start digging into Halloween makeup collection.

Purple Spider makeup

purple spider makeup

Are you ready to sting others? If yes, then it’s good to opt for spider eye makeup. This makeup looks really hot but never takes more than 30 minutes, if you know how to create web in a clear way on your eyes. For this kind of makeup, you only need your standard makeup kit.

How to do:

  • Apply foundation , do face contour and highlighting task. It’s good to use three tone light color of highlighter, just to keep makeup look bright.
  • Start with the basic eye makeup. Apply purple shade on your upper lid and define crease with dark purple eyeshadow. Use white highlighter for above crease and highlighting areas of eyes.
  • Define lower lid area with purple eyeshadow.
  • Use heavy eyelashes and fix them on your natural lashes.
  • Apply winged style eyeliner. Always use dark black eyeliner for defining your eyes in a perfect way.
  • With the mean of your black face paint or black eyeliner you need to make web on your above crease and highlighter area of eyes.
  • Apply dark black liquid eyeliner on your eyebrows.

Vampire makeup for Halloween

blood lips and eyes vampire makeup

Image via beautyy_eyes_

Do you want to look really attractive yet scary this year? Why don’t you become a blood thirsty vampire?I think you should opt for vampire look. For this makeup, you should use red face paint. In case you don’t have it then you need to use red hot lipstick not only for lips but also for eyes just to create perfect look.

How to do:

  • Apply base and foundation. Contour your face and highlight it in a proper way.
  • No need to do trimming of your brows.
  • Apply red face paint of lipstick on your eyes completely; you don’t have to leave any space. Now take your lip brush and draw some lines of red colors under your eyes and above your eyebrows area. You also have to spread lines starts from inner-V area and ends close to your nose sides.
  • Define your lips with hot red lipstick. Draw two red lines from the corner of your lips with the mean of lip brush.

Red and White Spider Halloween Makeup ideas

red and white scary makeup

Image via beautyy_eyes_

If you need pretty makeup idea then you should opt for red and white spider eyes. The idea is quite simple and doesn’t want you to add much scary factor into your persona.

How to Do:

  • Prepare face for makeup: apply foundation, hide under eye circles with concelear, do face contouring and highlighting.
  • Apply light brown eyeshadow on your upper lid. Define crease area with very dark eyeshadow. You need to make a thick crease.
  • Apply winged style eyeliner and enhance beauty of brows with black eye mascara.
  • With the mean of white face paint, create a nice web on your eye crease area.
  • Apply dark maroon lipstick after lining your lips with red lip pencil.
  • Use pink blusher on apple of cheeks.

Zombie Makeup Idea

zombie makeup ideas

Image via beautyy_eyes_

If you want to look like a zombie then you should have to buy white contact lenses just to make your eye look simply lifeless. Another important thing to grab is very heavy spider style eyelashes designed especially for gothic makeup.

How to do:

  • Prepare your face for makeup, apply foundation and do face contour.
  • Use dark red eyeshadow and spread it on your upper lid. You also have to apply it under eyes but don’t keep any limits when you spread color in this region. You can go beyond standard makeup limits because this is a special form of makeup. Blend red color around your eyes.
  • Fix your false eyelashes and then apply black eyeliner and eye mascara.
  • Define your lip beauty with dark maroon lipstick.

Gothic Makeup

how to do gothic makeup


Image via heathervonnightshade

This makeup really needs your perfect makeup skills. Lips and nose piercing is your personal choice but you must have white contact lenses , if you want to look really scary this Halloween.

How to do:

  • Apply foundation base and then do face contouring and highlighting.
  • With the mean of black liquid eyeliner you need to create thick winged style eyeliner not only on upper lid but also close to lower lash line.
  • Apply turquoise or blue glittery eyeshadow just above your thick eyeliner, on highlighter area of eyes.
  • Make black dots on your foreheads.
  • Use silver glitter on dots and winged style eyeliner.
  • Define beauty of your lips with blue lipstick, if you don’t find blue lipstick then use your eyeshadow over a transparent lipgloss.
  • Use false eyeslashes just to enhance overall beauty of your eyes.

I have shared the best Halloween makeup ideas with you. You should pick those ideas which look more appealing. It’s advisable to use face paint as it makes your makeup task really quick and clear; though some girls know how to do real magic with standard eyeshadow kit.

Happy Halloween!!

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