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How to Add Charm to Red French Manicure

Red French manicure is alwaya tried by girls on special night party , date night, christmas and Halloween. Adoring your nail tip with red nail paint is quite simple idea. You should try to add an extra charm into this design. If you do not know how to do this then I am here to unlock some great ideas for you. Every idea is simple and easy-to-adopt. Let’s check them now.

Add Yellow bunny Design

red and yellow nail designs

Image via kryshanicole 

This is a lovely design idea that you would like to follow. Your task is to just adore your four nails with red paint and then leave your thumb for creative work. A cute teddybear looks simply fantastic. You can make this design by following 3 easy steps.

  1. Apply yellow nail paint. Make head and ears,close to nail tip area.
  2. Use black nailart pen and create eyes,eyebrows and lips.
  3. Apply top coat to seal this design.

Must Try Glittery edition

red French manicure with silver touch

Image via marcy_saylor 

It is perfect style idea for party. A combination of red paint with silver glitter enhace beauty of your nails. Here is what you need to do.

  • Apply red paint only on nail tips, let it dry for a few minutes.
  • Apply silver glitter from french tip area to half moon.
  • Seal this simple design with top coat.

Silver touch for Red French Manicure 

silver touch design ideas

Image via stasa_ladiha 

If you want to amplify glam factor of your red nail tip then you only need silver nail polish.

How to do?

  • Apply cherry red paint on your four nail tips.
  • Once red paint has been dried, you can apply a line of silver nail paint under your red french tip area. You can use the thinnest nail  brush for drawing a shiny line.
  • Do not forget to apply a top coat for sleek finish.

Red pointed nails Look Chic

red stiletto manicure

Image via ai_hiruma_martinez 

It is very simple nail design idea. The beauty of nail is dependent on its shape. Square, round or oval are very common. Try something amazing, go for pointed nail shape and then make it special with red paint.

Polka Dot Nail Tip Design Art

red and white polka dot design tip

Image via  aramat_nile 

Ready for creative nail design idea? I suggest you to try this fantastic polka dot design. You will need white nail polish , dotter , top coat , red stones and white nail polish.

How to do?

  • Apply red paint on nail tips. Let it dry.
  • Dip nail art tool-dotter in white nail paint and start adding dots on your french tip area.
  • Apply top coat.
  • You can make your nail look more beautiful by fixing red rhinestones on half moon area. You need to fox them while top coat is wet.

Check Inspirational Red-Gold Nail

red and gold french tip design

Image via reginapal 

Red and gold is a fantastic color combination. You can boost up shine of your nails via golden polish. Once you done with french manicure, the next thing to do is to draw a sleek round line with gold color.

Minnie Mouse Nail design idea

minnie mouse theme nail art

Image via nails_by_elle

If you have short nails then you can still make them really amazing. Follow dotted nail art tutorial-i already mentioned above. A simple thing to add in this design is minnie face. The bow of minnie has added to your nail tip with red and white paints. You can use black nail paint to create a stunning face. You should use black nail art pen for drawing this cartoon face.

Girls!you know how to add some charm factor into your red French manicure. Before you start working on any design, you should give a proper shape to your nails.

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