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Ready to Try 4 Amazing Rainbow Nail art Tutorials

Rainbow is indeed a fantastic phenomenon that we all love to see. So, I decided to give my reader a chance to try some easy rainbow nail art tutorials. You might not create multicolored arc in the sky but definitely you can spread your favorite color arc or designs on your nails. I really like to do art work as it lets me express my inner artist in the best way. So, if you think the same way then it’s right time to take inspiration from some designs and learn to do an amazing job.

1.Colorful Stripes Nail Design

If you want to create funky stripes design with many different colors then this idea should be your first choice. It requires you to do a bit of water marbling job. You don’t need to use vinyl for getting colorful lines on your nails.

colorful stripes on nails

Things You’ll need

  • Nail polish colors: light and dark green, red, blue, yellow, magenta, plum
  • Water marbling tool
  • A cup filled with water
  • Toothpick
  • Nail polish remover
  • Top coat

How to do?

  1. Apply peel off nail polish around cuticles, so paint mess never spread beyond your nails.
  2. Take a cup filled with water and drop colorful nail polishes’s drops one by one in it. With the mean of watermarbling tool, create your favorite design.
  3. When design is ready, you need to dip finger in the water and then pick design on your nail.
  4. Use q-tip or tooth pick for removing the remaining polish from the water surface, now remove your finger out of water.
  5. Peel off nail polish around the cuticles and fingers. If any nail paint is still there then you should nail polish remover to get clean look.
  6. Apply top coat to enhance beauty of your rainbow nail design.

#videotutorial for the #watermarblenails 1⃣ apply Mess No More sold by @minimanimoonails around cuticles 2⃣drop polish onto surface of room temp water and draw desired design using a pure color 7 tool from @whatsupnails 3⃣dip fingers into the water slowly on top of the design you like the most 4⃣use a q-tip to clean the leftover polish off surface of the water, then slowly remove fingers 5⃣peel off Mess No More and clean up all polish off cuticles and fingers using my new cleanup brush from @twinkled_t and acetone 6⃣top with #hkgirltopcoat Polishes used are listed in previous post. Song is: ????Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony???? #presssample #sponsored

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2.Black and White Chevron with Multicolor Gradient nail idea

I really adore this nail art design because it seems like more like “right balance of Colors” to me.You need to spread different colors while one nail goes with classic black and white paint.

rainbow nail art designs

Things You’ll need

  • Fresh Paint “Honeydew”
  • China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”
  • China Glaze “Too Yacht To Handle”
  • O.P.I “Got A Date To-Knight!”
  • Sally Hansen “White Out”
  • Sally Hansen “Black Heart”
  • chevron stripes
  • peel off nail polish
  • Transparent paper

How to do?

  1. First of all, create chevron stripes. Apply white nail polish on the base and let it dry. Put chevron stripes on it and then apply black paint. Remove stripes and you will get white-black chevron nail design.
  2. Apply peel off nail polish around your cuticles.
  3. Next step is to take your colored nail polish and then apply one drop of each nail polish one by one. You need to spread the polish, just drop first one and move with second. This way, one color will merge into another color.
  4. Use a plain transparent paper and tap it on your nail a bit, remove it and then you need to follow third step again.
  5. Now remove peel off nail polish and clean any kind of mess with nail remover.

This indeed a great nail design idea but you must have to handle it with extra care. It’s advisable to use new nail polish which spread easily. One more thing, go with light colors as their liquid is also in light consistency.

Tutorial for my messy madness ❤️???????????????????? – – – -I used #liquidpalisade @kiesque for easy cleanup otherwise this mani can be a horror to clean up – – -Song:???? "Chocolate" The 1975

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