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Perfect and Simple Idea for Party Hairstyles for Kids

Our little fellows are usually very excited about upcoming parties and events because they enjoy attending it and meeting with their close friends and class mates there. The party is a perfect hangout for them because they just love wandering around freely, giggling at innocent jokes and chewing on the finest foods of their choice.

Avoid Complicated Styles:

Usually female kids are more concerned about outfits besides their makeup and hairdo; they want to look like a simple yet naturally beautiful princess in order to get more attention for personal esteem and praise.  Though braiding is a nice option for little female kids but I personally believe that too many complicated stitches on their delicate hair can make them appear a bit bolder and elder than their age. It’s always good to keep their style simple, sleek and beautiful.

More options than Braids:

If you have decided to weave a ribbon in the stitches during a braid, make sure that it matches with her dress. If she is going to wear a pink dress with beads, you can opt for some hair waves because they will frame her face in a sophisticated manner.  It’s not written anywhere that hair should only styled into braids while there are too many other options such as curls, waves, and some sleek updos which can be further beautified with the use of hair accessories such as accent, crystal pins and so on.

Keep it Simple:

As a woman if you feel like wearing heavy jewels it’s not uncommon but if you use heavy accessories on her hair, she might look odd rather than beautiful. You need to keep it all simple because she is just a little kid after all. There is no need to embellish her from top to toe; you must avoid overdoing her make up as well even if she loves to wear red lips and smokey eyes.

Ideas on Great Party hairstyles for kids:

Though the internet is already a treasure for party hairstyles for kids but the ones I am sharing right now can be done easily as they are far less complicated than that of those braids which require you have some weaving skills.

Side Tucked Kid’s braid:

Her face is broad so the style should be done on the front side just like this one. Don’t add many stitches all over the head it will make her look awkward.

party hairstyles for kids (1)

Small Face and Stitching:

It’s a sleek afro-american bun braid for female kids, she does not look odd at all it’s just that her hair is done nicely according to her face shape.

party hairstyles for kids (2)

Nice Waves on Auburn hair:

She has got a nice hair shade naturally as well as skin tone, for her little face the loose curls are suitable because she needs more framing around the face rather than a style on the crown.

party hairstyles for kids (3)

Loose Chignons on side:

These are set in retro style in her blond golden hair, making them is easy with bobby pins. Use paddle brush first to straighten the hair and then set some curls, roll the curls in appropriate directions to get these small twirly rolls.

party hairstyles for kids (4)

Beautiful and Black:

Your daughter might be fade up of wearing long silky hair all the time and this time she may want to get some tight coils in order to look beautiful. The center partition is done in order to cover her long face shape.

party hairstyles for kids (5)

Wavy Curly Bangs:

Her face shape is oval so the side-swept flow of the curls are making a good harmony, not only with the skin tone but also with the hair color itself which is golden brown.

party hairstyles for kids (6)

Unique Braided Piggies:

For little girls, hairstyling is more exciting when there are some twists. If you want her to wear pigtails for her age, she will never agree until you have something different to add in the pigges such as some twisted stitches like shown below.

party hairstyles for kids (7)

Fishtail Side knots:

I am sure this one idea is unique for you. The fishtails are create on both sides of the head and then they are twisted beautifully, resulting in two beautiful, thick knots.

party hairstyles for kids (8)

Loose French On sides:

As you can see they are messy, brief and catchy in their structure, they can be impressive when kept simple the way they are.
party hairstyles for kids (9)

Criss-crossed Twists:

These twists are my favorite because they are so easy to make. Just divide hair in two sections,  one should be 1/4 of the head and on the front while the other one should be 3/4, rest of the head of course. Make tight twists by twirling the hair and secure it with the pin, keep doing it until you get this perfect afro style. When you are done, pull all the hair on the right and secure it using a tight rubber band. For the rest of the hair you can set curls.  Though you will get them already due to twists.
party hairstyles for kids (10)

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