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Awesome Optical Illusion in Tattoo Designs

Even though our eyesight is 6/6, we still feel confuse sometimes in our own vision when we see a still life object moving around in different shapes or circles.  Some believe that it’s the contrast of the color which makes this optical illusion whereas some say that it’s resulted from different shapes and textures. The both statements are true in their position. Sometimes the contrast of black and white makes random, moving patterns which are hard to make manually otherwise.  Such moving patterns confuse our eyes and look as if they are in motion, but in reality they are standstill.

Oscar Reutervard is known as the father of impossible figures because he designed so many triangles, patterns and shapes which were considered as the best examples of optical illusion.  There are many other artists who are doing the same with chairs, balloons and even buildings. In other words, the whole term ‘illusion’ is being attributed with the art now and there is no surprise that the same is being used in the making of unique tattoo.

Just ask yourself as what do you understand when you feel confuse seeing a 3 d object?  The first thing you ever do is guessing, you begin to make some clues yourself until you take a look at the object from a different angle.   You figure out that it’s the object itself which is moving but it’s the angle which is changing as you move a bit or walk by the side.

Optical Illusion in Tattoo Designs:

Now let’s talk about some of the best tattoo designs which seemingly being created on the rules of those objects which cause an illusion to the sight.  The difference is that in tattoo marking, the art is way more complicated because many rules and regulations of 3d drawings are followed there.

optical illusion tattoo design (1)

It seems as if this pattern is moving like a snail which is an animal. There is also a flower in the middle.

optical illusion tattoo design (2)

Four areas of the same designs seems to be moving because they are dark in colors.

optical illusion tattoo design (3)

It’s not easy to create an exact illusion without making a drawing on paper, so consider getting a pattern first by the artist if you want to have a tattoo design with illusionary aspect.

The circles are moving, it seems this way though but we know that it’s motionless.

optical illusion tattoo design (4)

There is a face inside the chess-type pattern. Upon reviewing it closely you will see that there is a head of the creature.

optical illusion tattoo design (5)

Looks like there are two holes on the both sides but these are just the random lines, drawn to create a perfect optical illusion.  The color contrast is kept simple- the use of black inking has simplified the design itself.
optical illusion tattoo design (6)

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