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Nubian Twist Hair Tutorial, Benefits, Style ideas and Care

Want to look stunning in upcoming party? You might like to get Nubian Twist hair. It is one of my favorite styles as they add perfect look to black hair. No matter how much kinky hair you have, when you use Nubian twist hair accessory then you would get a nice looking hairstyle. Today, I am here to unlock a very amazing how to Nubian twist braid hair tutorial along with some benefits that you get from this kind of to do nubian twists


How to do Nubian Twist hair?

I like to put first thing first, therefore I am going to share a video which guides you completely how to make Nubian twist crochet hair. Watch this video to get clear idea.

In case you are not in a mood to watch a video then it is not an issue at all. I am going to give you quick information about the procedure of crochet braids.

Things you’ll need

Here are some things that you should grab first.

  • Nubian twist hair
  • Water spray bottle
  • Hair moisturizer
  • A bit of hair styling cream

nubian Twist hair tutorial guide

Step by step Guide of Making Nubian Twist Crochet hair

  1. Take Nubian twist hair, open it and divide it into two parts from the middle. Now take your hair section. You need to make a simple three strand braids where two parts come from Nubian twist hair and one part will be yours natural hair strand.
  2. Spray water on your natural hair and add a bit of moisturizer, the main purpose is to get a clear crochet braiding look.
  3. Continue simple braiding until the ends of natural hair strands.
  4. When no natural hair strands leaves behind, you will get two sections of Nubian hair. So, it is time to twist one section around another.
  5. Continue twisting till the end, where you need to tie a knot.
  6. At the end, apply a bit of styling cream on your Nubian twist crochet hair.
  7. Keep one thing in mind this hairstyle doesn’t need to be really perfect.

I have explained a guide which lets you create one section of braid with Nubian hair extensions. Grab all extensions and get perfect eye-catching crochet braiding look in your hair.


How to Take Care of Nubian Twist Hair?

You have got an idea how to do crochet or Nubian twist. The next step is to know how to care your hair. Just like other hair extensions, Nubian twist is also dry. So, what you must have to do is to moisturize your hair as much you can. Natural hair moisturizer can be used to protect your natural hair from damage. If you feel that your scalp is filthy then you can shampoo your hair. After washing your hair, don’t use towel as it can breaks the roots of hair or cause damage. It is good, if you air dry your hair; even don’t go for blow dry. When you sleep at night, you should cover your hair with satin cloth.

What benefits you get from Nubian Twist Crochet braiding style?

Here are some benefits which you can get from this style.

 Ultimate comfort

Nubain twist braid hairstyles are often worn by women during winter as it adds ease and comfort to their life. They don’t need to do hair styling again and again. So, seems like comfort is the main things which convince women to get this kind of hair.

Go without styling tools at least for One month

It is another benefit that you can grab from this style. Since you are using hair extensions which can be last for 4 weeks or more then it simply means that you don’t need to think about styling over and over again. Wake up and get ready for hangout.  When you have  crochet braids then you can try some hairstyles that won’t  take much time. I would like to show pictures of Nubian twist hair styling below, so you can get clear idea what you really can get from this kind of styling.

side ponytails nubian twist hair

Good for Short and Medium hair

In case you like hair length and volume then it can easily be added with the use of this kind of hair extensions. You can twist your short and medium hair strands with extensions and end results is “long and healthy looking hair”.

Nubian Twists Offer Natural looks

This is a big plus of crochet or Nubian twists. In order to attain your natural looks, you should have to use a hair extension color that matches to your natural hair’s. You can get extensions is dark black, brown,red, skin and some other shades. Choose a shade that matches close to your hair color, if you want to get perfect natural look.

Ready-for-party kind hairstyle

Interesting thing about Nubian twists is that you are ready for any kind of party when you have them in your hair. You don’t need to visit your nearest parlor for hair setting. All you have to do is to get this twist , add a little more style into it and you are ready to go. This seems like money saving option to me as well. All you have to spend a bit on hair extension purchase.

What kind of hair is used for Nubian Twists?

You need to use hair extensions for Nubian twists hairstyles. These extensions are made of natural hair. So, you don’t need to worry about your hair health a bit.

nubian twisted hairstyles for black women

Where to Buy Nubian Twist hair?

You have got complete idea about Nubian twist braiding style and I am sure you would like to give a try to this kind of styling. Normally, you all have hair moisturizer and styling cream at home. What you need is  hair extensions , so you can grab Nubian Twist Hair From Amazon . The price is reasonable and you get a complete pack of extensions. I prefer Amazon as it delivers to my doorstep but definitely you can check your nearest hair care shop or search online for more stores. The price of Nubian twist is usually under $15 and it is quite reasonable; since you get a black braid hairstyle that lasts for a long time.

Top 5 Hairstyles to Try with Nubian Twist hair

We all love hair styling when it comes to special events. I have explained you how to get crochet Nubian twists, the next step is to know how to make the most from this kind of braid; in another words, you should unlock some kind of styling.

1.Combine it with Cornrow braid

cornrows with nubian crochet braids styles

This seems like a beautiful idea. Make side cornrow and then get some Nubian twist and this combo would make your  look simply stunning.

2.Make A chic hair updo

Instead of opening your braids, you can wrap them in a sleek hair updo. Use a few bobby pins and get a classic or funky updo style.

updo with nubian hair extensions

3.Do a bit of Side parting for making versatile Nubian twist styles

side parting nubian braid hairstyles

I love side parting as it enhances my hair beauty to a great extent. You need to do extreme side parting, it is good to use a bit of gel to add finish look to your overall style.

4.Four Tone Nubian twists hairstyle

Do you want to add a cool touch to your hair? It is possible, if you get  four tones of hair extensions. A combination of black, brown, skin and red colors into your hair would surely offer you a model like look.

beautiful black women with nubian twists

5.Half up and Half down hairstyle

beautiful micro braids hairstyles for black women

This is good styling option of weave hairstyle and Nubian twist styles for all those women who have not very long hair. Use Nubian twists hair and get straight long twisted braids. You can pin up hair up while leaving down braids as these are. Another option is to make a high updo or braids twists and leave remaining hair on your shoulders.

Wrap up

I have highlighted almost every aspect of Nubian twist hair from how to make to how to buy or how to style it. It would be surely very easy for you to make Nubian twist styles, style it in different way and take good care of braids. In case you still have some question in mind, feel free to ask me. I am always here to guide you in the best way possible.


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