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Ten Most Hated Villains of Hollywood Movies

Hollywood movies abound and it is very common to pinpoint or identify heroes and villains. Just in the same way that heroes are held in high esteem so are villains who in contrast are hated. The following are the top ten most hated villains of Hollywood movies.

  1. William Tavington

In The Patriot (2000), Col. William Tavington (Jason Isaacs) commands the Green Dragoons. With his late father having squandered family fortune including his inheritance, he sets out to own land in Ohio territory after war. He is quickly nicknamed ‘The Butcher’ for his brutal ways. For his cruel characters in the movie, he is amongst the most hated villains of Hollywood movies.

 tavington Most hated villain

  1. Joffrey Baratheon

In the Game of Thrones (2011), Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson) becomes one of the main antagonists. Even though he is the eldest son of King Robert Baratheon and Queen Cersei Lannister and therefore next in line to the throne despite the fact that his is actually the son of Jaime Lannister who is the Queen’s brother, he resorts to torturing and killing innocent people. Killers are neither admired for their characters nor admonished for fear, Joffrey is another in the lost of most hated villains of Hollywood movies.

 joffrey bartheon villain

  1. Commodus

In Gladiator (2000), Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) thinks of himself as a god and wants everyone around to give to his whims using threats. He abuses his power to a point where he develops lust for his own sister.

commodus gladitor villain


  1. Denethor

In The Lord of Rings: The Return of the King (2003), Denethor (John Noble) turns out to be a big failure  and mistrusts everyone including Faramir who had become stronger and successful. He despises those he considers lesser men and cannot really distinguish orcs from allies of Mordor.

 Denethor Most hated villain

  1. King Edward I Longshanks

In the Braveheart (1995), King Edward I Longshanks (Patrick McGoohan) turns out to be a six-feet tall tyrant who is ruthless with almost everybody including his own son, Prince Edward, Prince of Wales. All this is in attempt to stop any rebellion against his rule.

 King Edward I Longshanks villain

  1. The Governor

In the Walking Dead (2010), The Governor (David Morrissey) turns out to be the insane    leader of Woodbury and sets out to command residents of Woodbury town using every extreme measure he possibly can.

 The governor walking dead villain

  1. Percy Wetmore

In The Green Mile (1999), Percy Wetmore (Doug Hutchison) is a prison guard who simply loves to torment prisoners. He particularly enjoys tormenting Eduard ‘Del’ Delacroix. Even though he is hated by other prison guards, they is really nothing they can do since he turns out to a nephew of the governor.

Percy wetmore the green mile villain

  1. Bosie

In Cold Mountain (2003), Bosie (Charlie Hunnam) is a sadist albino member of Confederate Home Guard that is tasked with the responsibility of protecting women and children left behind by their men/fathers, men who went to war. He resorts to killing AWOL solders.

 Bosie cold mountain

  1. Arthur Mitchell

In Dexter (2006), Arthur Mitchell (John Lithgow) turns out to be a villain for killing his father using a hammer. This is after watching his younger sister (Vera) bathing. In panic, Vera accidentally breaks the glass screen, which cuts into her thigh, causing serious bleeding leading to her death. His mother goes into depression and jumps off from a tall building, killing herself. Arthur’s father who was deep into drinking resorts to beating him on a regular basis, which propels Arthur to kill him.

Arthur Mitchell Dexter villain


  1. Warden Norton

In The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Warden Norton (Bob Gunton), although very religious, turns out to be very unjust to his inmates who he sees as lesser human beings.

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