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Pull off Mohawk hairstyles for Super Stylish Look

Do you want to look super stylish? Need a new style? It’s time to think about Mohawk hairstyles which are simply tremendous styling ideas for girls. Before you move forward, you should know that this style requires you to shave your side hair. You need to make a compromise on hair length. Girls who want to keep hair length long should consider some other style. The inspiration of this style has been taken not only from celebrities of current era but also pop stars of nineties. This clearly means that your personality and look would completely turn, once you have this kind of short mohawk in pink color

What is Mohawk hairstyle?

It is a haircut that features shaved sides and a trail of hair only in the middle hair section from front to back. The hair length in the middle section is usually 3-5 inches long but some girls opt for exceptional hair length .They get less than one inch hair length at one time and wear more than 5 inches at another time. Fan Mohawk hair length should be kept longer as you have to pull up your hair with the mean of palm and hair wax.

mohawk style for thick hair

Think about Personalization

In reality, you have a lot of styling ideas when it comes to Mohawk. You don’t need to get a simple cut, try to fascinate your appearance in many different ways. Adding some personalized factors into your hair style would surely make your style unique and exclusively yours. If you have thick hair then instead of trimming a lot of hair, you can get thick and fluffy Mohawk style. Normally this style starts from front and end on the nape area, but you can give it your own unique touch by keeping hair length short or trimming hair from front or back.

blue mohawk with side cornrow braidssimple gray mohawk for silky hair red razor cut hairstyles


Mohawk hair color

It is an important thing to decide when you are going to get Mohawk hairstyle. You can add colors into your style in many different ways such as single shade, two-tone hue, ombre, and highlights. Vibrant colors should be your first choice but girls with light hair color can surely consider a lighter tone , only if it makes their style prominent and crystal clear. The best colors to combine with this edgy haircut are purple, red, magenta, blue, turquoise, etc. Two tone  hair is another idea to try. Ombre styling is indeed a fascinating hair idea for girls who want to look attractive. But when you consider this idea, you should have to make a beautiful color combination. Highlights make your style pop in a real way, so think about it as well.

purple mohawk for women short hairstyles for women

colorful mohawk for girls blue fan mohawk style idea

black hairstyles

Mohawk hair designs

For enhancing aesthetical charm of your hairstyle, you should think of hair designs. You can create designs in many different ways. First way is to use a razor or shaving machine for creating line designs on the side shaved area of your head. Another method is to get some hair tattoos. Third method is only for those girls who have long hair and they don’t want to cut their hair completely, all you need to make some cornrow braids on the sides.

red mohawk with hair tatoo idearazor cut V style for women blonde hair styles long mohawk hair with side leopard hair tattos

What you need more? You have got info about colors, design and styling ideas of Mohawk hairstyles, this makes it really simple for you now to follow this chic style look. Would you like to give it a try?


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