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Stunning Mohawk Haircut Designs for Kids

Mohawk haircut designs are becoming popular very fast among kids who want to look cool. They don’t like to get simple Mohawk but also want to add some hair tattoos in it just to make their look simply amazing.When it comes to length, then it is good to keep it medium as long Mohawk is difficult to handle while short length does not offer really close look.

What is Mohawk haircut?

It is a specific haircut in which two sides of head are shaved completely while there is one stripe of long hair in the middle. Today, you can find a wide variety of this style like fohawk, fan hawk, faux hawk and a lot more. This hairstyle remained popular in the history among cool men who really wanted to show off their style. Its roots are usually link to the tribe of Native American Mohawk Indians.

natural curly mohawk hairstyle kids

If you tap into history of this style then you come to know that this style became popular due to punk rock movement of 1980s. At that time, this haircut was a symbol of rebelling against authority.At present time, it is just a style and it doesn’t symbolize anything or any movement. However, it is a fact that guys who take good interest in sports and music like to consider this kind of hairstyling. Same is true about kids, soccer players and rock stars are true inspiration for this haircut.

Mohawk Haircut Designs

Kids and teens love to add hair tattoos to their head. This specific style provides two free shaved sides where any kind of designs can be tried. There is no set shapes or angles for designs. You can go for one designs that appeals you the most.

scroll mohawk haircut designs

Sharp lines:The most common design is “sharp lines” which look quite similar to a scar because this line is deep and clean. Getting more than one line is personal choice. Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed the main inspiration of this kind of design.

simple line haircut designs

mohawk haircut with side line hair designs

Freestyle V :Another common hair design is V cut where many different angles of simple or inverted Vs are created just. Interconnected V (s) are the best design as it look blunt and simply wonderful.

triangled hair designs

Geometrical hair designs: They are among the best variations. A  skilled barber is able to create the perfect  deisgns with the mean of shears and shaving machine. Any shape of geometry like square, triangle, rectangle, etc are used and modified just to add promising touch to a particular style.

geometrical hair designs

scroll hair tattoo ideas

Sun rays Touch: I really like this design which create perfect sunrays reflection look on the both sides. Just like rays spread from the sun, the same way lines are emitted from the ears. No doubt, it looks quite eye-catching.

kids mohawk with side line hair tattoo

sun hair tattoos for kids

I suggest you to visit an expert barber whenever you like to get Mohawk haircut designs. Only an experienced person is capable enough to offer you amazing designs. Even you can take picture of your favorite designs with you, it won’t be hard for him to copycat some basic designs for you.

Image Source/Credit : Instagram/Carlosbarber_32

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