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19 Modern Ponytail Hairstyles for Style Divas

A simple ponytail never makes your look unique. If you really want to look like a style diva then you need to dig into some modern ponytail hairstyles- which not only make your look different but also add some glam into your persona. Are you ready to explore my ponytail styling collection? Check this out.

1.Add rings on Top

I really love this style idea since it doesn’t want much effort but make your hairstyle very charming. You have to create interconnected rings with your front hair. Use a hair iron for straightening your hair and then to combine rings with a sleek ponytail.

rings and high ponytail hair ideas

2.Create Funky Flat Top

This is indeed a unique style idea for you. Your main task is to turn your front hair into flat top. For this purpose, you need to divide front hair into two sections. Keep one section at front and then tease the lower section with a thin tail comb. Create heavy base. Apply gel on front hair section and then set it over teased hair section in a flat way. Use bobby pins while doing the hair setting. Gather rest of hair section into a simple low ponytail.

flat top hair style ideas

3.Go for Model Like High tail Style idea

Grab your flat hair iron, apply hair styling cream or gel thoroughly in your hair. Now start making your hair sleek with iron. Once you hair is long straight, you have to capture them onto crown section and then secure them into an elastic hair ribbon.

high ponytail hairstyle just like a model

4.Make Mohawk Style Messy hairstyle

First of all shave side hair and then set middle hair section in a Mohawk form. You need to use hair gel or cream while setting middle hair section. Don’t apply cream in lower section since you need to make a messy ponytail.

mohawk and loose ponytails

5.Opt for Thin Three-Strands braid style

This hairstyle idea is good for girls with thin hair volume. Girls with thin hair usually avoid making three-strands braid as it doesn’t look really great but this time you have got a great idea of styling. Shave your side and back hair first and then make this style; you would surely stand out from crowd.

simple thin ponytails

6.Try Charming Style Idea

It is indeed an easy ponytail hairstyle idea. It’s good for girls with natural straight long hair. If you have wavy then use hair iron and create a simple high ponytail. Next thing to do is to grab a shaving machine and shave side and back of your head.

easy ponytail hairstyles for black hair

7.Hair Patch Style idea

Girls with long hair surely need extra courage to try this hairstyle but once you do this then you would surely love the outcome. When you are shaving the head, you only have to leave a small patch on front level, rest of hair section should be wiped out.

small patch hair styles

8.Think about Mohawk three-Strand braid ponytail

Another lovely hairstyling idea for girl with long hair is to shave complete sides while leaving hair length long in the middle. Make a three strands simple braid from front area of hair to lower end. You need to make a tight braid just to give it perfect look.

mohawk braid style ponytail

9.Consider Side Shaved Modern ponytail hairstyles

If you aren’t ready for really aggressive side shaving then you can keep things little and light of course. In order to make thing simple for yourself,it is good to first make a ponytail and then taper sides  hair with the mean of a shaving machine.

sleek ponytail hairstyles

10.Inverted V Shaved haircut

Whether you accept it or not, side shaved styling always look really amazing. If you follow a specific angle while tapering your hair then you can surely spice up your look. As in this case, you need to shaved hair but in an inverted V form.

shaved ponytail hair idea

11.Tease hair along with a ponytail

This style wants you to follow three main step: first of all tease your front hair section, second thing to do is to make a high ponytail and third task is to shave your sides. These three steps would provide you very attractive appearance.

modern ponytail hairstyles


12.Only Taper your Back head section

A simple way of making a ponytail with extra style is to taper only back neck region of your hair. Nape shaving would take only a few minutes but your style would become really amazing. You need to make a ponytail first and then to grab a shaving machine.

simple hairstyles

13.Only Side Shaving with a long ponytail

If you aren’t ready to shave back hair then keep them intact and only sacrifice your side hair section. Again you have to make a ponytail before you start shaving your side.

shaved head with ponytails

14.Cute Little Ponytail

My ponytail hairstyles collection is not limited for long hair, girls with short hair can surely  like to work on this idea- which requires them to make a cute mini ponytail and then clear side and back area of head from hair.

short ponytail hair ideas

15.Middle Square Ponytail idea

Another amazing style idea that every girl would like to try is to keep middle hair section in square shape and then shave rest of hair. In order to enhance your style look, you can use a razor to create designs like V in your buzz cut hair section.

extreme parting with ponytails


16.Get some hair design with a ponytail

Making a combo of design with your hair style is indeed a fascinating idea. While you are shaving side hair section, you need to use either razor or shaving machine to add some lines or other patterns into your side head section.

hair tattoo designs with ponytail

17.Have a Buzz Cut with Ponytail hairstyle

This is a unique styling combo the inspiration of which has been taken from fashion run-ways. Models appear with glam hair style idea, so you should try to follow them if you want to look a real style diva. Apply hair gel and then make a ponytail, you need to leave hair from the back and side while making this tail. Instead of shaving them completely, you need to perform a buzz cut.

celebrity like ponytail hair styles

18.Modern Poof hair ideas

You might get bored from side shaved and high ponytail styling, so try to make it different by making a poof ponytail hairstyle. This idea seems really amazing. You need to divide your ponytail into more than one section and secure them with elastic hair bands.

poof stylish ponytail hair ideas

19.Do a Heavy fishtail braid style

Instead of making a simple ponytail, you can create something really charming. Fishtail braid is really popular because it looks really cool. So, it’s advisable to make a ponytail with this braid. This style is good for formal events.

fishtail braid hairstyles

I’m sure you would like to try any of these modern ponytail hairstyles. Every style is different yet amazing. You can try one that appeals you. Indeed, it has become easy for you to style your ponytail in many different ways. Don’t forget to share your comments about the best hair style.

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