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A Brief Glance at Modern Haircuts for Men

Haircutting is a part of personal grooming and we should be glad that men are now more interested in improving their appearance and personality even than before. Call it a change of time or trend, now we are seeing men even doing those things which are otherwise considered taboo or odd for them, for instance keeping long hair and wearing some makeup here and there.  Luckily, there are too many modern haircuts for men now that you can’t even define a haircut by its particular name because it’s hard to be sure if it’s the same- sometimes it’s a combination of two cuts all together.

When we look at any man wearing some makeup with long western inspired curls we assume him as a junkie or a hippie because we truly believe that normal people can’t do extraordinary stuff for instance supporting a pony and wearing red lips. Believe it or not, now even modern men are supporting all the oddest things from makeup to braid, it’s just that everyone has got more freedom and space in their position to execute all those things which are otherwise considered abnormal. In one way or other, fashion itself is very odd sometimes so we should not mind what’s being adapted by men of the modern century; we should be opened for them just like we are for women. After tall everyone has a right to look better and impression- it does not matter what their approaches are, it’s just that we need to accept whatever they do. Let’s not be sarcastic in our judgments any more.

Modern Men Haircuts 2015 (1)

Modern Men Haircuts 2015 (2)

Modern Men Haircuts 2015 (3)

When it comes to modern haircuts for men we usually think of some spikes, undercuts and crews while the truth is that all of these three forms are now old or outdated. The newer versions have been invented by the talented barbers and there are just too many varieties to astonish our eyes and imagination. For instance there used to be just one style for the businessman who was called regular, but now there are some variations with it such as markings with the regular cut, side shaving, side hair trimming and so on.  The style worn by an individual is completely a reflection of their personality, so if they add some tattoos on the back, this is their choice which can make their transformation either beautiful or awful.

Anyways let’s check out what are some of the modern haircuts for men and what is common or unique in all.

All the Center Hair up and Sides styled:

The first example of men haircut shows corrugated hair and side shaving, the direction of spikes are up, pointing to 90 degrees.This is what’s being done today on hair of many modern men, the middle portion is kept longer in length while the sides are either shaved or trimmed short.

Modern Men Haircuts 2015 (4)

Check the hair length is long here and the strands are crossing over each other just at the crown area.Modern Men Haircuts 2015 (5)

Though all hair up but this is not spike-it’s a nice fade which is done to support the face frame.
Modern Men Haircuts 2015 (6)

This one is perfect for not only businessman but also for modern grooms. The hair in the centered is tucked up, but pointing to left side, giving an impression of pompadour. The sides are trimmed nicely according to f


Modern Men Haircuts 2015 (7)

Long but Brushed Back:

The long hair strands can be tamed at the front in forms of spikes so in this example, all the hair is tucked behind, but at the crown area there is a small bump which is classy.

Modern Men Haircuts 2015 (8)

The same has been done here except that this is more brushed over and there is a sleek braid on the side, so guys this could be your next style for special hangouts and parties.

Modern Men Haircuts 2015 (9)

Thicks Curls in the center:

If you have some natural curls, you need to cut all of them to get a classy transformation in your makeover, instead you can just get them styled for the sake for your personality,  no need to sacrifice your naturally textured hair, just try to pull it off in a different yet in an impressive manner.
Modern Men Haircuts 2015 (10)


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