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How to do Minnie Mouse hairstyle? Video Tutorial

Do you want to make Minnie mouse hair bun on Halloween or special kids party? I am here to share an amazing video. Interestingly, it is really easy to make such braids. I suggest you to try it not only on your hair but also on little sweetie’s hair. Check the image below to get an idea, how matching braids of mom and daughter simply look adorable. What I like most about this style is that it can be tried by every girl, no matter her hair is very short or long. Another special feature is that it is quite easy to make,no need to follow a lot of steps to get an enticing cute girly to do minnie mouse hairstyle

How to Do Minnie Mouse hairstyle?

Are you ready to grab cute look? Here is what you really need to do.

Things You’ll need

  • Hair brush
  • Back comb hair comb, one with thin tail
  • Hair spray
  • elastic hair bands
  • bobby pins
  • Minnie mouse hair accessory


  1. Properly comb your hair, there should not be any tangle in your hair. Now divide your hair into two equal arts from the middle. This division should be begins from front and end to back. Gather all hair up and then make a ponytail of one side hair section. Use elastic hair band to secure this ponytail.
  2. Pour hair spray on another hair section and then use hair comb to make your hair flat and straight.
  3. Start backcombing of your ponytail hair section. For this purpose, use hair spray on one section, back comb it a little and leave it. Take second hair strand, use spray on it and then do back combing. Continue this process until you reach at end section. Now put this section on back comb and try to make it clear and flat with the use of hair comb.
  4. Pull a few inches of hair inside your elastic hair band, and move this pulled section up with the help of your fingers.
  5. Divide lower end of your ponytail into two hair section. Twist each section around your finger and then insert it inside the Minnie mouse hair bun. Take another section and do the same.
  6. Start spreading bun hair forward just to give it Minnie mouse ear look. Use your fingers and move forward hair very gently. Use bobby pins to set the sides of bun on your head and hold little bun at its place. Once you get neat look of bun, use hair spray on it.
  7. You need to follow same steps for second hair section. This way, you will get two cute hair buns.
  8. Accentuate this cute hairstyle with Minnie mouse hair accessories. You can wear pink bow in between the buns but as you know Minnie wears single bow at left side, so try to follow her charming style in a right way.

It is time to watch video which lets you to understand every step of this hairstyle in a clear way.

As I said earlier, Minnie mouse hairstyle is simply wonderful. You definitely love to try this kind of style for your daughter. I have shared tutorial of this style just to make sure you can create it without any difficulty. If you still have some question then feels free to ask me.

Image and Video Credit : Instagram/anniesforgetmeknots

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