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Mind-blowing Ideas for Party Braid Hairstyles

Party Braid hairstyles have been classified into different categories and subcategories now. Your hair length can help one decide which one particular braiding would suit you. There are some important points that are taken into consideration when a style is chosen for a party girl such as the color of the outfit, her face shape, makeup tone, and length of the hair.

Though you will find several party braid hairstyles out there if you browse but sometimes it’s hard to find the one which is not just perfect but also special. If you are on a haunt for some nice braid hairstyles, you are on the right spot now because I am going to share my exclusive collection of special party styles which are best of all that you have ever seen or tried as yet.  Some of them are easy which can be done through curls and iron but some are complicated so they need to be done by a professional hair stylist, of course many of us don’t mind going out there and getting our hair done, right? So let’s get started and review some of the styles.

Party Braid for thick hair:

Trust me it’s very difficult to tame and control long, thick hair due to their volume. If someone manages to make a braid on it, the hair will come out loose from stitches after some time during the party because of the hair weight. For such hair type, this party braid is perfect, it has some chignons on the back and two band style braiding on the front, nobody can resist saying it’s classy and beautiful.

Updo with braided band for party

Three Tired Braid for party:

This party braid is somewhat very similar to one in which we use different bands to make some stitches, however the difference is that in this particular one the hair loops are used for making a gap between tiers. If your hair is long and silky and is difficult to control in crown braids, this one style is perfect for you. The color you are seeing in the style is semi-permanent, if you want to try it, you can go for it and buy yourself a semi-permanent dye. This is a lavender shade by the way.

Three Tired Party Braid

Side Tucked Party Braid:

This is not complicated though, all it takes to make it is braiding skill. What we usually do is tie all the back hair portion in a pony and leave some hair on the front for use, we use small hair sections from the front to make small rings and use bobby pins to stitch them in place. The use of hair accent between each ring makes the braid perfect in look.

Smple tail chignon for party

Loose Ring Pinning on the side:

Many women don’t like to wear all the hair tied up or tied back because they are used to wear side-swept bands, also the flow of voluminous hair compromise with the facial frame, making it to appear smaller in size. The face looks slimmer and unhealthy, so it’s recommended that on small, oval face you wear side tucked style.
Sleek sideswept chignons

Twisted Side Tucked Party Braid in two Tiers:

Trust me it’s easy to transform your less healthy hair into a nice, healthy braid easily. Just see how the styling is done below. First the hair is divided in two sections.  Small section is used for back combing and when it’s completed, the hair from the front is twisted and pinned up. There are two tiers of twists and some loose curls which are set by the machine.

Side-swept Braid

Messy and Beautiful Updo Braid for Party:

Let’s not forget that the use of hair accessories and jeweleries can make your braid to look beautiful or odd, here is an example in which the nice pairs of earrings are used with the braid which is done with a class


Messy updo bangs

Bangs and Braids for party:

Some nice curled chignons are styled on the updo after doing the braid. This one is good for both blonde and black hair.

High updo with bangs

Black braid and Bump for Party:

Note that the hair is length, few bangs are left on the both side of the face for the framing purpose, then one bump is created and after that the same front crown braid is pinned up all over from below to top, it’s like a wrap up around the chignons.
High bump hairdo

Fringes and Fishtail for Party:

Her face type is broad and hair is thick and long, so she had worn any crown type braid she would have ended up looking older than her age, so she instead chose to support two lovely fishtails in her opened waves. Get some loose curls done before the tail is created on each side.
Double fishtail for party

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