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8 Men Haircut Designs for Handsome Manifestation

Are you thinking of hair tattoos? I suggest you to check 8 amazing men haircut designs that  allow you to grab a cool guy look quite effortlessly. Every design is unique yet eye-catching and once you have it then you will see how people appreciate your style. No matter what short haircut you get, these hair designs would surely enhance your charm and persona to a great extent. So, what are you waiting for? Check the designs now.

line hair tattoo

1.Double V Cut


This style is quite suitable for men with natural curly hair. It’s quite hard to keep your hair straight all the time and mostly hairstyles require flat head. But it does not mean that you have to use flat iron. I suggest you to go for double V sharp cuts. They look quite adorable and amazing on the back, shave your sides and keep hair length short on top.

perfect double v hair tattoo idea men

2.Freestyle Geometrical designs


Have you decided to wear Mohawk? This haircut indeed compliments your natural curly black hair. But in order to add an extra charming effect to this style, you should think of Mohawk haircut designs. You can get design either on both or just on one side. But it is good to keep things simple and symmetrical and create geometrical angles on both sides of head.

angled designs for men haircut

3.The charm of Angled V

Men with fade haircut can opt for V designs. You don’t need to go for simple V instead try something remarkable. Mixing V cut with other shapes like round or rectangle helps you add diversity touch to overall hair styling.

geometrical men haircut designs


4.Angled Shapes Combo

I really like this design as it stars from the front and end to back. Normally, barber make it only at one side just to keep it clear. You can surely try it on both sides but it requires more space. It begins with lines, change into V and then end with scroll. This combination is simply terrific. Of course, you need to keep your hair very short and fully tapered when you think of this idea.

scroll design idea for hair

5.Fade with Side Razor cut Line

Don’t like to do side parting in a normal way? ( I mean use of hair brush and side part your hair). In such case you should consider getting razor cut hair partition. This parting is not only deep but also quite clear. Cristiano Ronaldo is the true inspiration for such men haircut designs.

razor cut side parting men

6.The Crazy Z into Z

Another hair design to consider with your short haircut is this one. This seems quite amazing with buzz haircut but of course you can choose other short cut like fade with it. Double Z into Z must be kept clear. Some other ideas can be accompanied with it, like in this case barber consider inverted v for front hair.

double z haircut designs

7.Beautiful Life Line idea

Life lines tattoos are normally worn with black ink on wrist with heart design just to demonstrate love. But you can give your hair a perfect design touch, if you get a clear life line on the back. It is good to keep hair straight and short just to make your design prominent.

life line symbol hair tattoos

8.Round hair tattoos

Round shape requires extra skill then angles, V and sharp lines as they need to done in a clear cut manner. However, when you know about an expert then it won’t be hard for you to pull off this design with extra grace and charm.

men round cut design

I have shared 8 best men haircut designs that can promise you cool look. I’m  sure you would like to try some designs, whenever you are going to get a short haircut. Don’t forget to share your comment about the best hair design.

Image Source: Instagram/Carlosbarber_32

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