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Don’t Miss Meaningful Tattoos for Arm

Having a marking on anywhere else on the body expresses your persona in one way or other,  it secretly shows off your inner side to the world by clearly approving you keep a kind of sense: good or bad in general. It’s not bad to show what you have inside or outside but whatever you mark on the body must have some meanings or messages (at least nice and optimistic ones) to convey to others.

Even though you have been suffering a lot either mentally or physically, you can get a nice tattoo done on a body to feel optimistic, one day your marking will help you realize that there is still good in this world to feed your soul with besides a lot of bad. Don’t let your suffering be shown in a tattoo marking or don’t even bother to choose a tattoo design which has a negative energy because it will translate into a pessimism behavior sooner or later. You can see the lights at the end of the tunnel only when you hope to see it or else you feel to be blinded by the dark that surrounds the light. It’s all about physiology element and way of perception in general which injects either good or bad energy in you.

Just in case you are looking to have a tattoo marking to feel more power and control in some ways, there are some meaningful tattoos for arm that you can choose to get done.

 Tiger with blue eyes

Tiger tattoo has both positive and negative meanings because this animal displays less mercy and more anger towards other creatures. Some meanings associated with this spirit are as follows:

Anger and aggression

Power, strength and courage


The positive meanings you can derive are power and strength. You need to make some predictions on your own while you are suffering or under attack, you have got to stand your ground and fight back using your full strength in order to win a game or a play.

Blue eyed tiger tattoo

Burning Jungle and flying birds

What could a burning jungle possibly mean? It means that there is smoke and fire everywhere but it has ceased the life to exist, there are birds and some barren trees whose branches have been burned off yet they are standing with full courage. You should not feel down or upset as when you are being let down, accept your failures and move on.

burning jungle tattoo

Feather tattoo on arm

Feathers have different meanings for different cultures. Some believe that these are symbols of sky gods and others believe that they help one explore all their inner sides by giving full freedom.

feather tattoo arm

Kind of Piranha 

Pirhanna is about to attack a boat made of paper and there are some celestial items which can be seen floating around the creature.

Fish with boat tattoo

Use of Jade color around an eagle

Eagle is an animal that preys with bravery and courage, it does not feel a jot of fear when it attacks on other creatures on the ground because it has power than can subdue others. You need to feel the same, though no need to attack on others but just try to be strong like this creature.

Jade colored eagle tattoo

Key to Secret Galaxy

There are some secret planets and galaxies out apart from this world which still need to be explored by human beings. Find your key, travel out there and find out other realms to praise God.

Key to galaxy tattoo

Red and Orange Koi Fish

This is a Japanese tattoo which is very common these days. If you have love for aquatic animal you can get this marking which symbolizes innocence.

Koi fish tattoo

Man Controlling the birds

Here is a man trying to control the flying birds who have been blessed with a natural freedom. Now it’s up to him to set them free or keep them under control. What about your inner demons? Should you set them free or cage them inside? What do they deserve in your honest opinion? Judge yourself and make the best decision.

Man with black bird tattoo

Devoted to true love

When you are faithful towards someone and get hurt in return, this is what you feel, right? The very sweet word ‘love’ turns out to be painful and you end up having a soared life which reminds you of a failure for the rest of life.

Pierced love tattoo

Pomegranate with red seeds

There are many stories related to this fruit,  but let’s not believe all of them and drive good meanings on our own. The fruit is sweet and sour, both at the same time, we should accept good things with the bad things together to feel balanced.

Pomegrenate tattoo arm

Sailing in a sea 

Have you just started your journey towards an unknown destination? The life is just like this journey itself which is full of obstacles and barriers, let’s sail our boats without failing.

Sailing in sea tattoo

Skull and flower

Life is not predictable except for the death which is sure to come one day. It will grab us in its jaws to collapse us forever, the pain would be felt once but there would remain the sheer traces of our existence in forms of memories. Let’s accept that life is short and unpredictable yet it has to be lived to the fullest for the sake of good memories.

skull tattoo arm

Barren tree beside a moon

It’s a good scenery tattoo for arm in which birds are roaming around the barren tree, the moon is like a still life which glows in the dark and fades in the morning, time is passing by.

Tree before moon tattoo

Wolf in purple blue Galaxy

Wolf symbolizes power, control and survival.   Be like this animal to make your way though all the hurdles that we face, in the end game will be yours.
wolf of galaxy tattoo

Deep Purple eye with fire

Do you keep this much deep eye to observe the things? Eye tattoo has special meanings; ability to foresee, skills to observe, and power of judgment are few to name.
3D purple eye tattoo

I hope you have enjoyed this very nice collection of meaningful tattoos for arm. I believe you will derive some good and positive meanings from these drawings in order to feel strong and optimistic.

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