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Enjoy Chocolate Eye makeup for Brown Eyes Video Tutorial

Want to look simply amazing on an upcoming party? If answer is yes then it’s time to check an amazing video tutorial of smokey touch chocolate eye makeup for brown eyes.  I really like to add smoky touch to eyes but problem is that it not possible to handle black color. In case you also feel the same problem and want to know the best way to do smashing makeup then definitely this video tutorial is what you really need.

how to do chocolate makeup for brown eyes with red lips

Chocolate Brown Eyes Makeup

In order to achieve this look, you should have following things.Check list below.

  •  Matte foundation
  • Powder Contour Kit
  • Brow Powder
  • Eye base
  • Eye Makeup kit ( used shadow couture pallete)
  • False eye Lashes
  • Liquid red lipstick (used geradcosmetics Mercury Rising)

Make a Smooth Makeup Base

The most important thing is this kind of makeup is the base. Apply matte foundation on your face and do face sculpting with contour kit. Enhance beauty of your brow with brow powder. Apply base on your eyes and try to smooth this base. If you do not apply base on your eyes then you might not achieved the desirable result. Your eye base should be clear. You can use eye base pomade for getting clear finish. In case you have under eye circles then you can hide them with the mean of your eye concealer. Now you are ready to follow eye and lip makeup.

Step by Step Brown Eye Makeup tutorial

Before you watch this video tutorial, you need to understand every basic step of it.

  1. Apply dark chocolate eye shadow on your eyes. You need to spread it equally everywhere. I suggest you to use a good blending brush just to get clear touch of smoke on eyes. Apply shade below crease eye area.
  2. Take a lighter brown shade and define beauty of your crease with it. You also need to mix it up with the main chocolate eye shadow.
  3. On inner V eye area, you need to apply a very bright lemon eye shadow. Apply just a bit of this shadow in order to add some brightness impact on your dark eyes. This is how you can make your brown eyes pop.
  4. Take eyelashes and fix them on your eyes. Interesting thing about this makeup is that it does not need black eye liner touch; though you can use a light coat of black eye mascara on your false eye lashes.
  5. Once you done with eye beauty next step would be to make your lip attractive. Use red lip pencil and outline your lip line. Fill your lips with liquid lipstick.

Time to watch makeup video tutorial…

Voila! You have done an amazing chocolate eye makeup for brown eyes. You can see how adorable this look is. I am sure you would like to give a try to this video tutorial. In case you have some question regarding this makeup guide then feel free to ask me.

Also tell me whether you like to add perfect smoky touch to your eyes with this guide?

Image and Video Source/credit :Instagram/beautybyfaz

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