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Lovely Hairstyles with Sweet Colors

They say that fashion changes with times because people reinvent new ideas. To create something you have to come up with a new idea which is further translated into action. It all begins with one thought only. You think about making something unusual to happen and you find some opportunities to get it done by hook or crook. Fortunately,  there are some hair artists who are creating very unique variants of haircuts and hairstyles for those women who want something extra ordinary. Perhaps, a pink twisted updo is not for us because we have to live and work in a professional environmental setting where your self-grooming is concerned important. To be a part of a civilized society you must adapt to only sober fashion and this is the only rule you must follow to earn some respect.

Your respect is in your hands though, you can still try some hair artworks just to feel the difference. Some women are born with a crave for unique fashion, they keep finding for new ideas to implement into personal styling and they feel satisfied only when they try them and get appraises. There is also a class of brave women who don’t care what others have to say about a quick transformation in appearance because they know whenever you are different, people will talk about you, they will either raise their brows in disgust or surprise or say but rather except for showing a silent grim. What I am trying here? I am just motivating you to wear any hairstyle with freedom because it’s your hair and you are all within your rights to control your appearance without caring what people perceive from it.

Today I have come up with some unique and lovely hairstyles which are called Avant Grade for being different in appearance and in every way (colors, making, and styling). We must welcome new ideas and appreciate people like Skyler McDonald for their work. This hairstylist has won many awards in London and is working hard to show her work and talent by working with her team in a famous brand called Seanhanna.  Let’s check what she has done to make us  to appreciate her work.

Twisted hair do and Pastels

Many girls are using pastels these days to bring a unique texture in hair along with the style.  Your complexion does matter a lot and it must be considered an important point while you shop for your hair dye. For wheat color tone, you should choose the lightest colors ever to make a nice statement about your personality. This hairdo is classy because the combination of light inky blue is done with the lightest, coldest green.

twisted pastel updo style

Not Ordinary braiding:

We have seen a lot of curls and retro rings but this hairdo is unique items because the hair is weaved inside the rings, many weaving have resulted in soft curls.
Unique magenta curls

Yellow Style and Pale face

She might appear to be dead by her appearance but this is called art, you wear a different look with the different hair styles. With her white and emotion free face she is wearing yellow locks that have pastels as well, what a nice combination.

Twirly orange layers with pastel pink

Fabric Flowers with high do:

I don’t think I need to say much about this hair do, it speaks for itself. The style is done after extensive back combing technique  but it still has beauty and grace, also notice that the flowers are making a very good match with it.
Super green hairdo with blue flowers

Spongy Spider Hairstyle

When hair is done for a special event, some extras are allowed to be incorporated for it, for instance in this hair do the soft spongy material is used in a color which matches the original locks.
Spongy orange hairstyle

Hairstyle of Unknown Realm

You don’t necessarily have to be belonging with another realm, world, or planet in order to wear this style. To catch more surprised stares in a party you can wear it with confidence and secret smile.

Purple high do

Kind of Waterfall with rings

Weaving a nice braid with hand is a lot of fun but it could be more special when you use some hair accents that can help with the creativity, just weave the strands in and out of the rings to get this look.
Pink ombre braid with rings

Beautiful Pink curls styled all up

Contrary to general makeover in which all the curls are styled down, she is wearing all the style up for the sake of artwork and despite being different in styling she is not looking a bit of odd at all.
Pink curls styled up

The Perfect Bob with unique colors

The bob is cut precisely with three to four points, I can see shaved hair at the nape and three layers on the cut easily.

golden bob hairstyle with green

Ring Braiding technique:

She is not from ancient time at all, she is unique and she is different. The ring accent is used again for styling the long hair.

braiding with golden ringsPink Braiding long hair:

Here you can see three sets of ring used on each side of the head. You can do the same because it is very easy though looks complicated at first sight. Observe the pattern and do it yourself by using a hair accessory that has a chain of small coils.
braiding on pink hair with rings

All hair artworks shown here belong to Skyler McDonald. The photography is done by Trever Leighton and the makeup is done by the team member Cheryl Phelps Gardiner.

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