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15 Long and Short Shaved hairstyles That Rock the World

Want to add a charm factor into your hair? It’s time to start exploring long and short shaved hairstyles. After discovering my collection of styles, you would be able to know how to grab cool girl look easily by shaving your head in many different ways. Such hairstyles are quite popular and regarded “really trendy”. Mostly women opt for short shaved style but I suggest you to keep your hair length as it is, just taper your hair a bit deep from one side. This way, you don’t have to comprise your complete hair length and you would be able to try a new style. Let’s start digging down into collection now.

1.Chic undercut

Girls, who don’t mind shaving their heads from sides and back, will definitely love to try this stunning haircut. A curtain of short hair strands fall on your crown and front. When you have it then you don’t need to worry too much about styling cream or gel. In another words, you can enjoy freedom from your flat iron, curlers, or other tools. This way, you feel really easy.

undercut hairstyles

2.Glossy Gel style

Keep hair length 1-3 inches only in middle head area while shaving all head is the base of this style. Apply gel in hair strands, comb them forward and then turn them backward. This whole styling would take less than five minutes but offers you long lasting style.


3.Simply Buzz it

A style that is truly inspired from celebrities is buzz haircut. You don’t need to comprise all hair but again you don’t have to keep them all. Keep shaving your hair until scalp skin become visible is a guide to get this haircut at home.

short buzz cut hair

4.Half Blonde shaved head

Another lovely hairstyle idea that push you to start using razor is half blonde. While using razor, you only need to forgive your one side hair length. There is no need to show mercy for second side, just wipe it out.

short blonde shaved hair style

5.Two-Tone Slicked back hair style

Women who have pixie hair would love to try this short version of hairstyle where hair length is kept longer only on top as compared with side and back hair length. Add a highlight of brown shade in your platinum hair and then slicked it back a bit with the mean of hair comb; don’t forget to apply a bit of hair styling cream on top hair.

short slicked back hair

6.Side Casual Curly hair

Side hairstyles are quite popular all over the world as they make you look like a charming diva. But try to add a magnetic appeal to your appearance by making a combo of casual loose curls with side shaved style. You don’t need to use a lot of styling cream or gel while adding curls, just apply a bit to adding shine and charm.

side curls and shaved head style

7.Straight Party hair updo

You have tried a lot of updo hairstyles but I’m sure this is really unique styling idea for you. Shaving head from both side while keeping hair in the middle and then making a twisted hair updo on back is indeed an attractive style to try. When you wear such hairdo in a party, you will be able to grab attention of all. This is what many women want.

side shaved head with a hair updo

8.The Glam Pixie

Girls who want to add cuteness factor into their persona must consider this short shaved short haircut. You need to shave hair to level 4 from one side only and keep your pixie well-maintained on another side. Don’t forget to use a bit of hair gel for giving lustrous touch to your hairstyle.

short pixie haircut

9.Long Fan Mohawk

Going against gravity is indeed hard but you can do this task quite easily with your hair. Keep hair length almost 3-5 inches on top and get rid of hair from every other side. Apply styling product and then fly your hair up. Give your hair a fan like appearance by trimming hair length of front and back hair. No need to trim middle hair section. Use your hands for pushing hair up.

fan mohawk hairsyle

10.Center Parted Long Shaved hairstyle

Another chic style for all those girls who are not ready to compromise hair length is this one. They just need to center part hair. Make one side head area clear from hair and keep your silky black long hair un-touch on another side. This seems like a really nice idea to pull off right now.

side shaved with long hair

11.Pink Faux Hawk

I really love pink when it comes to pop star type hair styling. Get rid of all hair but don’t forget to leave a patch of 2-3 inches long hair on top. This hair patch can be pushed up with the use of comb, after application of hair gel or textured spray. You don’t need to stick with pink, try a color that you like the most.

pink faux hawk for women

12.Classic black and White Short Shaved hairstyles

Do you really want to look like a style diva? If yes then you need to follow this style which require you to dye your hair into two tone- platinum and black. Taper your to less than one inches from sides and back. And you know what the best part of this overall style, actually it is the hair tattoo designs that you are going to get with the mean of razor.

black and white short hairstyle

13.Funky Top knot

You might have seen a wide variety of top knots, but this time you need to experience something really chic. For getting this style, you need to keep your middle long hair intact while shaving hair from sides and even back. Create a sleek knot of your middle hair section and secure it with bobby pins.

unique top knot hairstyle

14.Brunette Curls with Clean nape

Give this hair style a try on an upcoming party and trust me everyone will praise you “in a way you always want”.Get formal curls in your long hair. In order to hold them tight, you need to use hair gel before using curling tool or wand.At the end of your curling process, you have to use a hair spray. Don’t forget to trim hair deep down from nape area, as beauty of your style is largely dependent on this little move.

formal curls for women

15.Sleek Straight long hair with one clear side

This is indeed a hairstyle that offers you a model or top star look. All you need to side part your hair. Keep hair at one side and go bald on another side; seems like a cool idea for girls who like to try awesome hair styling from time to time. Use flat iron to keep your long hair straight, it is important to grab neat hair look all the time.

shaved hairstyles (15)

In reality, there are many different ways to wear long and short shaved hairstyles. You can either create your own version of style (share your picture with us) or vote the best style. Do whatever you like.

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