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Adore your Long Hair Styles in 10 Different Ways

Are you searching for the best styling ideas for long hair styles? No doubt, you have hit the right place because I’m going to give you 10 different ideas. Every idea of my styling collection is simply amazing. So, let’s start discovering this collection without any delay.

1.Extreme Side Parting

side parting hairstyles

If you need something simple and quick then grab your gel and hair comb. Apply gel and then start combing your hair. You need to remove all tangles. Girls with straight hair don’t need to use hair iron but if you have natural wavy hair then you should better use hair iron. Once hair is sleek and straight, uses your hair comb and do side parting. This partition should be clear enough to give you a real style diva like appearance.

2.Ombre Wavy hair with side twisted hair

side twisted hairstyles

Adding hair in lower hair section is indeed a great idea to try. Opt for ombre styling and then get a bit waves. Give your hairstyle a perfect touch with a side hair twist. Always choose a good color when you are planning to grab ombre hair. Light and dark color combo is a good approach to follow for.


3.Sleek high ponytail

sleek high ponytail

Want to grab a perfect model type look? It would be possible when you make a high ponytail. Girls with straight long hair can surely pull off this look without going through a lot of steps. If you have natural curly or wavy hair then you need to use flat iron and styling gel.

4.Simply Straight Style

I always like to have this look because it makes your appearance really charming. You need to get full bangs and then start ironing your hair flat with a styling tool.Use hair styling cream before you begin with hair iron.

long straight hairstyles

5.Red Bangs

red full bangs with waves

No need to make your natural wavy hair straight all the time, when you can look really cool by changing hair color into red and then accompany this style with straight full bangs. This overall styling would enhance glam factor of your persona.

6.Try highlights

blonde highlights in black hair

It is a fact that you can change your look easily by changing hair color. Instead of changing complete hair color, you can go with a simple approach “get some color highlights”. Blonde highlights are considered trendy for red, black and dark brown hair.

7.Go for Unique French Braid

unique french braid for long hair

It is one of the best long hair styles idea to try for. Instead of making traditional French braid, you need to give your braid a lace-type appearance. For this purpose, you need to add hair strands from side in an interval form.

8.Make Beach Wavy style

formal wavy long hair styles

Whether you have to attend a formal party or a casual event, waves amplify your style to a great extent. Instead of paying many bucks at salon, you should try to make waves at home. This task is really simple, only you need to know how to do it and again a bit practice is required.

9.Pins styling

make hairstyles with pins

Don’t want to make a braid? It’s good to go for this hair styling idea which require you to set small hair section in random manner with the means of bobby pins. This setting requires some time but once you wear this hair style, you will get attention of all.

10.Backcombing with long waves

half up and half down hairstyle

This is the best party hairstyle for girls. Tease your front hair and make an updo. Now combine this half up with half down wavy hair. You don’t need very formal hair, only three-to-four layers of sleek waves are enough for styling purpose.

In reality, there are thousands of ways of styling long hair styles but I have explained only those ideas which are quite easy to follow. You don’t have to go through a lot of steps when you are going to style your long hair. I’m sure it would be really simple for you to try such style ideas.

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