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Let’s Tap on 15 Beautiful Nails Designs

Girls who take good interest in DIY nail designing tasks would surely like to explore 15 ideas of beautiful nails. Before I start explaining every idea, I want you to grab your basic nail art tool kit with you. There is no need to blindly follow the ideas. You are free to pick your favorite colors and be more creative when it comes to design. My main intention is to highlight some great ideas for you; some of which can be tried on special events while others could be worn on casual basis.

1.Half moon gel manicure purple and gold sparkle

purple and gold half moon nail

Image by Trec-Lit

Need the best nail designing idea for an upcoming party? You should opt for this purple-gold sparkling design. You need glitter nail polish for adding charm effects to your nails.

How to Do:

  • First of all, apply base coat and let it dry.
  • Paint one-third area of nail with purple sparkling glitter nail polish, give it some time to get dried.
  • Now you need to create a half moon with golden nail polish.
  • You need to apply polish in a way that half moon area of your nail is not filled. Seal the look with top coat.

2.Colorful fun nail art

fun nail designs colorful

Image by Nikki Nornlegs

Playing with colors is my hobby, so if you are also like me then you should consider this idea. The most common design, girls wear in routine, is French tip. But it is time to add something uncommon yet interesting into this design.Grab your favorite nail colors. It’s good to pick vibrant colors such as teal, grass green, lemon, red, magenta and purple since we are going to add glam effect into French manicure. Black is a must in this design since you need to create the clear division.

How to do:

  • Apply base coat. Use white nail polish to define beauty of your nail tip. In simple words, you need to do the basic French manicure.
  • Grab black nail marker and draw a line just below white nail tips. In case you don’t have nail marker then it is good to use nail art brushes. You need to do the same for all nails.
  • Dip thin nail art brush into red color and then draw a line just beneath the black marker line. You are done with thumb.
  • Define color beauty of other nails by changing the nail paint but doing the same i.e. drawing a line just beneath black division line.
  • Don’t forget to seal this smashing design with a top coat.

3.Red nail art writing

red and white writing nails

image via RPAC Manicure

A little writing job can surely make a big difference into your nail art and designing work. Today, I’m going to share an idea that looks simple but it is simply fantastic. You can give a try to this beautiful nails design for supporting a special cause such as cancer awareness, vote for the best candidate, etc.

How to do:

  • Apply red nail polish on your nails and let it dry. Again, keep in mind that you can choose any color. Try to pick dark color for base and light for art work: it is the main point to note.
  • Grab white nail art marker and start writing work. Now this nail art reads (Vote, Act “RPAC”). But you can write what you like to demonstrate.
  • At the end, you need to apply top coat.

An Idea: You can try this kind of nail art on Valentine’s Day. Paint nail with red and then write your name along with your lover name with the addition of heart. Seems like an interesting idea to try

4.Tiger Stripes in bee colors

tiger stripes with bee color

image via Chloe Miriam

Neon Colors make it easy for you to do some art which is not only beautiful but also crystal clear. Animal paint is one of my favorite nail designing task as it always look super-amazing. No matter what color you choose for base, try to pick black for animal body design. I’m here to create tiger body marks but instead of going with orange and black, I would prefer bee color i.e. black and yellow. So, let’s do tiger style nail paint in our own style.

How to Do:

  • Apply base coat and then dark yellow neon base color. Give it some time to dry. It’s quite important for you to wait because if you don’t then you might not get desirable results. So, be patient whenever you are going to do a nail design work.
  • Take a thin nail art brush, dip it into black nail polish. Apply more than 8 strokes of black color on every nail.You need to dry the lines but not the complete.
  • Draw first line from left to right and leave some space on right side. Draw next line from left to right and leave some space at left side. Do the same for other lines.
  • When black nail paint is dry then give your animal beautiful nails design a final touch with a top coat.

5.Blue-Teal Ombre Gel manicure

teal and blue ombre nail designs


image via Trec-lit

Ombre nail art is one of my favorite task to do. Whenever you are going to do this, you should pick the family colors. Choose one darkest, one lightest and one medium shade. For this design, you’ll need teal and light blue nail paint. A sponge should also be handy.

How to do:

  • Apply teal nail polish after the application of base coat.Wait for almost 5 minutes.
  • Take a white paper. Pour a few drops of light blue nail polish on this paper. Tap a sponge on this nail paint.
  • Dab this sponge on your nails right in the middle area. Let it dry completely for a few minutes.
  • Apply top coat to get sleek finish to your nail design.

6. Blue-Black Writing Design 

women writing nail designs

image by Chloe Miriam

Another design that looks complicated but really simple to create is blue-black writing. Writing your thoughts on your nail seems like a wonderful idea. You can write anything that inspire you but avoid writing life secrets. Some good writing ideas for you are goals, short quotes, life inspiration, dreams, etc.

How to do:

  • Apply dark blue nail polish just after base coat-which is meant to protect your nails from chemicals.
  • Write anything you want to share on your nails. You need to pick black nail paint marker for writing job.
  • Apply top coat for giving this great nail idea a final good look.

7.Black V-style Gel Nail Polish Design

gel nail art

image by Becky Stern

You may not like to try very fancy design all the time. Sometimes it is good to go with simple yet stylish design, I have one really good idea for you. Gel manicure looks really great since it can be worn for more than one week. I have picked black shade, you can go with your favorite color. But keep in mind that black makes your nail look super cool and chic.

How to do:

  • Apply transparent gel nail polish on the base. Give it some time to get dried completely.
  • Make perfect V on your nail with black nail paint. You can surely use nail art brush, if nail polish brush is really wide and difficult to handle. You don’t need very thick lines.
  • At the end, you need to seal this remarkable beautiful nails design with top coat.

8.Eat dots with Pacman Nails

pacman nail art

image by Besty Weber

Playing Pacman is one of my favorite leisure activities. Eating dots is just like removing problems in life. Anyway, you can make cute little open jaw pacman nail design with a little effort. So, if you are ready to do some fun job then just you need to follow a few steps.

How to do:

  • Paint your nails with different colors such as zinc, pink, black,orange, and red.
  • Dip brush in black nail polish and make teeth. Just draw three small triangles on nail tip.
  • With the help of nail art dotter, create big dots with white nail polish. You need to make eyes of Pacman Let it dry.
  • Dip dotter in black nail paint and then create small black dots inside white dots.
  • Your nail design must be sealed with a top coat.

9.White floral manicure

floral manicure

image by Kodomut

Getting ready for a wedding or some special party?Of course, you need a special manicure. These days, you get a chance to have your hands on a lot of nail accessories. I’m here to share white floral nail design. White always looks graceful on wedding but you can pick a color that matches with your outfit.

How to do:

  • Apply silver nail paint after base coat application. You need to pick silver glittery nail polish for adding sparkle to your nails.Wait for almost 4 minutes.
  • Pick floral nail accessories. Take a bit of nail art glue and then fix your accessories on nail. You should never use ordinary glue as it would harm your nails. Some nail accessories are quite really simple to get fixed with a nail polish.
  • In case you have a very light floral accessory, then you don’t need to use glue. Don’t let your base paint dry completely. Fix flowers over your nail paint by pushing them a little.
  • No need to apply top coat as accessories come with stunning glamorous finish.

10.Green and Black Dots Design

green and black dotted nail

image by Esty ketsy

This is one of the best nail art design ideas for beginners, since it doesn’t need much effort. I picked dark green and black colors but you can try the same design with your favorite nails colors. Keep in mind that you need to choose that colors which make a good combination with one another such as red-black, white-pink, red-white, purple-pink, etc. For getting this perfect design, you must have nail art tool “dotter”.

How to do:

  • Apply black nail polish on three nails and dark green on two nails. Let your nail paint get dried for almost 2-4 minutes.
  • On dark green nail paint, you need to create dots with black paint. On black nails, you should have to create dots with green nail polish.
  • Define tip with close dots and spread dots over black nail paint.
  • Give final touch to your nail design with top coat.

11.Happy Rainbow Design

happy rainbow nail designs

image by D Sharon Pruitt

Are you looking for the best nail art designs for small nails? I think I have provided you the best idea. The beauty of your short nails can easily be amplified with the mean of this design. Interestingly, you don’t have to do a lot of things for getting it. All you need is rainbow colors such as red, blue, green,yellow, etc. Apply multicolors on your nails. Don’t forget to seal this fabulous look with top coat.

12.Red and black Pirate Nail designs

pirate nail art

image by Anneheathen

Do you like to watch Pirates of the Carribbean? If yes, then you may like to give a try to pirate style nail art. For getting this design, you only need stickers, black and red nail paint. You are able to find pirate theme nail stickers for less than one buck in the market. It would be really fun to create this style nails at home.

How to do:

  • Paint middle fingers with red nail paint and side fingers with black nail paint.
  • Let you nail paint to get dried for almost 3 minutes.
  • Now unwrap your stickers and fix pirate stickers on it.
  • This nail job will be done in less than 5 minutes.

13.Bat nail design

bat nail art ideas

image by Anneheathen 

When you are going to do beautiful nails art with stickers then you will literally have many ideas to try for. On Halloween, you surely need a nail design idea. In case you don’t want to put a lot of effort on style and design then I suggest you to opt for simple idea i.e. use stickers. Paint your nails with red and black nail polish. Paste stickers of bat, Dracula, black cat, etc. Halloween stickers must be there to assist you in this nail designing task.

14.Black and white Horrific Nail designs

horrifi nail designs

image by Femme Run

You are able to do an amazing nail designing job with black and white nail paint. In case you like to watch horror movies then you may like to create some horrific characters on your nails. So, let’s find out the best way of doing this job.

How to do:

  • Apply black nail paint on all four nails. Use white nail polish on one nail.
  • Use nail art brushes, dip it in white nail polish and write AH! on pinkie.
  • Create Ghost eyes on black nails by dipping brush in white paint.
  • On white paint, you need to create black cat character. Make eyes and body marks.
  • As everything looks super-horrific, then it’s good to add a fun factor by creating a tree on black nail with white-red and yellow paint.
  • Don’t forget to seal this terrifying nail design with top coat.

15.Blue Sparkle Design

gel sparkle nail designs

image by Trec-lit

In case you are going to attend a party then I suggest you to opt for this fancy design idea. This design makes your nail look super promising. It perfectly adds flash touch to your persona.

How to do:

  • Apply transparent gel coat on your nails. Wait for almost 5 minutes.
  • Now apply glitter-rich sky blue nail polish on half tip area of your nails. You don’t need to fill your nails with nail polish. It’s good to divide nails in two portions just to get clear nail paint look.

Girls! You have 15 beautiful nails design ideas to try now. Before you try any of these ideas, it’s good to do a basic manicure: trimming, filing and shaping of your nails. Round nails looks wonderful but you can go with any nail shape you like to see. I have shared 15 ideas, try them and share your experience with me.

Tell me which idea you like the most? 

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