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Ideas On Outstanding Cocktail party hairstyles

I must say that seasonal parties give us strength, energy and hope, making us to think that there are more interesting things to do in life than sitting beside the computer table, editing and preparing files for the company.

We all keep a good sense of taste when it comes to picking up the right drink for an event, for instance, we order some cool martinis when we are out there in the downtown with your friends and we order some soft drinks when we are on a formal business trip. I don’t know how to give a single, proper definition of cocktail get together, it’s simply not a retreat for all those who love drinks but it’s also for those wish to have a good time dancing, singing, and eating together to make some new memories.

The important part is making preparing for the event, since a lot of old and new friends are invited for it, your makeover should be extraordinary as well as bold because it’s time to prove that you aren’t just stuck in the ordinary whirl of your life, instead you are keeping up with all the fashion as well.  Of course, the winner is one who maintains everything very well from personal grooming to household expenses and so on.

Today I want to give some brilliant ideas on cocktail party hairstyles, because if you have the right hairdo in place your make up will turn out to be special itself without heavy strokes. If you don’t feel like wearing smokey eyes because it seems like a boring idea now, you don’t need to do it at all or follow it, just get the right style done in order to be center of attraction in the cocktail party.

Some traits of cocktail party hairstyles that you must look for are as follows:

Originality plus Uniqueness:

The use of hair extension is very common these days but mind that it can ruin your impression out there if it falls during the dance party.  Your cocktail party hairdo should be unique, different and original. You must avoid using extensions in your hair.

cocktail party hairstyles (1)

cocktail party hairstyles (2)

cocktail party hairstyles (3)

Short and Better:

I personally believe that hair dos with chignos and some nice curls are suitable for cocktail parties because there is usually a lot of dancing and wandering out there and it is sometimes difficult to keep fixing the hair if it’s intricately weaved. Just get a simple hairdo which can stay longer and is easy to handle or control.

cocktail party hairstyles (4)


cocktail party hairstyles (5)

cocktail party hairstyles (6)

 Long Flowing Waves in ponytail:

The easiest cocktail party hair styles are free curls. They don’t need maintenance from time to time, just use the machine to get the coils and splash the spray. For a better transformation you can use glitter gel over some strands to be glamorous.

cocktail party hairstyles (7)

A nice quiff:

You can wear it, too, like men. Just pin up the thick portion of hair in the back and you are just ready for the party. It’s short and nice.

cocktail party hairstyles (8)

Updo Curls for the party:

Unlike any conventional style, in this particular one, all the curls are falling over the forehead making a nice statement for the glamor of your personality.

cocktail party hairstyles (9)

All hair up with extensions: 

I must admit this all up version is kind of perfect for any cocktail or formal drink get together. Some unused hair extensions can come handy for the style making.
cocktail party hairstyles (10)

Intricate Floral Pattern:

If you are this much styling savvy you will end up getting yourself captured in the memories of many party goers, you will be remembered for having a real floral arrangement done on the original hair.cocktail party hairstyles (11)


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