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How to Hair bow bun? Tutorial with 5 Style ideas

Girls like to wear bows as they look quite amazing on head. But it’s time to know how to  hair bow bun. That’s mean you need to turn your hair into a bow. This hairstyle is becoming quite popular. Girl of every age can give it a try. It indeed adds cuteness factor into your personality. Therefore, it is always advisable to make it. You can wear this particular style on your upcoming birthday, special friend party of any other casual or even formal event.

how to make a hair bow

Image via Instagram/anniesforgetmeknots

How to hair bow bun?

I have brought a very simple image guide which lets you create this style in no time.

Things You’ll need

  • Elastic hair band
  • Hair spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair comb

Image tutorial of Hair bow

Here are some steps that helps you create an amazing hair do.

how to hair bow image tutorial

Image via Instagram/anniesforgetmeknots

Step No.1 Take a hair spray just to add texture and a bit volume.

Step No.2 Apply hair spray and comb your hair properly, it simply means that you need to remove all hair tangles. Whenever there are tangles then it becomes hard for you to do styling easily.

Step No.3 Grab all your hair in hand and then make a ponytail on crown area. Secure this ponytail with your elastic hair band.

Step No.4 Hold ponytail from lower end and move it up and high.

Step No.5 Fold your hair and pull it through your elastic hair band.

Step No.6 Spread  hair of  your bun section a bit with your fingers.

Step No.7 Divide hair bun into two parts in the middle.

Step No.8 Pick lower hair strand and set it in the middle area of your bun. Use bobby pins to get clear look.

Step No.9 With the mean of your fingers, you need to loose every section of bow slightly.

Step No.10 Use bobby pins to set the side sections of your bow on the crown. Apply hair spray.

Voila! You have got complete idea about how to hair bow bun. Every step is quite simple and easy to follow. I’m sure you would like to create this hairstyle on a special party.

Make Hair bow in 5 different ways.

1.Simple bun: You know complete understanding of hair bow. The next thing that you may like to know is the best ways to wear this style. Actually, one simple bun is mention above and it is create a bun.

2.Side bun: Another way is to make a bow in the side instead of middle. This kind looks good on little girls but of course you can try it on your own hair.

cute kids with brown side hair bow bun

Image via Instagram/anniesforgetmeknots

3.Get some curls: Make this style extra charming by adding some formal curls into this style. This idea is perfect for party girls who always want to adore their beauty in the best possible way.

hair bow with curly hairstyles

Image via Instagram/loveeeabbey

4.Half up and half down hairstyle:Instead of making bow with your complete hair into you can divide hair into two parts: one upper and second lower. Make bun of upper  section and do what you like to do with lower section. Like you can make it straight or add some waves or curls.

hair bow with long wavy hair

Image via Instagram/buablink

5.High bow with natural hair: Don’t need to make style formal all the time when messy style looks more amazing. Wear this kind of bun with your natural hair and make yourself simply appealing.

high hair bow style idea

Image via instagram/elektronio

Girls! You know completely how you can make a hair bow and how you are able to add extra charm to this style. So, try any of these ideas or use your own creative skills to come up with another great idea.

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