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How to French Braid your Own Hair?

It’s time to explore a video which guide you how to French braid your own hair. As we all know French braid is among the most basic braids. Its learning gives you a chance to try many different kinds of styling. The basic style is one where you start it from the top and end it at nape. But reality is that once you learn this braid then you are able to discover tons of ways of adding extra style to your hair. However, what is quite important for you is to know how to do this basic braid. Always start from basic and proceed with advanced methods, this is the way of getting success in life. I have a video guide for you, but I would surely like to explain every step of video for those who don’t like to watch videos much.

how to french braid your own hair

Things You’ll need

  • Hair comb
  • Hair elastic
  • Hair spray

How to French braid your own hair?

Here are some steps which help you create this basic braid in a simple way.

  1. The beauty of your style is also depend on your hair. It’s good to shampoo your hair and blow dry it. If some hair strands fly away then no need to worry, you can use hair spray to keep hair set and cool. Comb your hair properly, it simply implies that you don’t  need to leave any tangle.
  2. Now Take a thick hair section from the top middle. Divide it into three equal parts: left, middle and right.
  3. Start braiding, cross right hair section over middle and then left over middle.
  4. The most important part of your French hair braiding is to add hair strands into your braid. You need to take hair section from the front right area and add it into right hair section. Take one thin section from front left side and add it into left hair section.
  5. Once you have added hair section into left and right hair sections then the next thing is to cross right section over middle and then left over middle.
  6. The rest of braiding is the same, add hair sections into left and right and continue crossing right and left section over middle hair section.
  7. When you reach close to nape then you would not have any hair section for adding into your braid. It is the point from where you need to start doing a regular three strand braid.
  8. Once you done with standard braid, secure your hair with a hair elastic.

Amazingly! You have done a great job. It’s time to watch the video, so you can get clear idea about how to French braid your own hair in a clear way. You must watch this video as it highlights every step and you would be able to get complete understanding.

Girls! You have got an idea how to do French braiding. The next thing to do is to try this braid on your own and tell me whether this guide is helpful for you or not. I am always here to help you.

Image and Video Credit : Youtube/Luxyhair

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