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How to do Nail art with Brush and Sponge? 5 ideas

Many girls always like to know how to do nail art. There are literally many different options to choose from.Today my intention is share 5 nail design ideas which make it clear to you how to make the most from nail art brushes and sponge, when it comes to nail designing. So, grab your nail art brushes, nail colors and sponge and do some creative tasks.

1.Pink sugar nails idea

It is indeed an interesting nail design idea to try for. You need to use sugar to enhance your nail beauty. Check what you really need to do.

sugar nail design idea

Image via Instagram/polishthatnail

Things you’ll need

  • Pink nail polish (used Salon Perfect “Tickled Pink”)
  • Sponge
  • Peach nail polish
  • Peel off base coat
  • Nail art brush
  • Sugar in a plate

How to do nail art with brush?

  1. Apply peel off base coat on your nail sides.
  2. Take a sponge and apply one layer of pink and another layer of peach nail paint on it. Tape it directly on your nails one or two times.
  3. Tap your colored nail on a plate filled with sugar which will get fixed on nails.
  4. Remove excess sugar from the skin and peel off base nail polish as well.

Though this design looks simply great but it’s quite impractical. But you must try it once, only for fun purpose.

Tutorial for my sugar nails ???????????? these nails are highly impractical but oh so fun to do – -using #liquidpalisade from @kiesque for easy cleanup – -Song ????: "Sugar" Maroon 5 ????

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