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How to Do Mermaid Fantasy Makeup? Tutorial

Girls often choose mermaid character for special theme party. It is really easy to find mermaid dress but what seems hard is to do this kind of fantasy makeup. So, I’m here to offer you my helping hand. I would tell you how to mermaid eye makeup without asking for your friend’s assistance. When you are going to do this makeup, you have to focus a bit of art and beauty work. You need to spread colors beyond your eyes and lower-lash line limits. Generally, it never happens in standard makeup. But keep in mind that becoming a real mermaid wants you to focus more on art makeup and less on standard.

mermaid eyes with pearls beauty

Stunning Mermaid Makeup

The emphasis of this kind of makeup would be completely on your eyes but it doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your lips and cheeks. I’m going to share every bit of detail of this makeup for your comfort.

Things You’ll Require

  • Makeup base
  • False lower eye lashes
  • Glittery Eyeshadow Makeup Kit
  • Black eyeliner
  • Pearls Eye makeup accessories
  • Eye makeup glue
  • Face Shimmer Powder
  • Purple lip line
  • Lilac lip gloss
  • Kohl

How to do Mermaid Makeup

  • Prepare your face and eyes for makeup. Apply foundation and make a clear base.
  • Now start makeup on your eyes. If you have under eye circles then cover them with eye concealer. Use primer to get clear base to start your makeup task.
  • Apply blue eyeshadow on upper lid and pink on your highlighter area. Apply dark black eyeliners on your eyes.
  • Apply green eyeshadow close to lower lashline middle area.Use zinc for inner and outer V area of lower lashline. You have to spread shade from lower lash to cheek areas.
  • With the mean of black eye liner, you have to create flower vine scrolls starting from lower lash area and moving toward cheeks. Make more than 6 scrolls.Fill your waterline with kohl.
  • Fix false eye lashes on lower area of eyes. You don’t have to use them on upper lashes, just enhance them with the mean of black eye mascara. Also apply double coat of mascara on lower lashles.
  • Apply pink blush-on your cheeks.
  • Outline your lips with purple lip pencil and then fill it with lilac glitter. It is good to use lip brush for filling inside the outline.
  • Apply eyes glue on apple of cheeks and eyeliner area. Fix pearly accessories on eyes and cheeks. Give them some time to dry. It’s okay to put some pressure on them just to hold them into their place for long hour.
  • Use face shimmer at the end to add glow factor

Hurrah! You are done with mermaid fantasy makeup.

Important tips

Here are some important tips that help you do this makeup in a right way.

  • When you are going to spread colors on lower lash line then you don’t have to worry about boundaries. Colors could spread beyond cheeks. However, blending is quite necessary.
  • Use big brush with soft bristle for spreading makeup on your cheeks and lower lash area.
  • Trim your eye brows and get a nice shape just to compliment this kind of fantasy makeup.
  • Always take pea size drop of glue for fixing pearls on your face.

Would you like to give a try to this makeup at home? Share your comments with us.

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