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How to Do Eye Makeup with Charm

Every girl wants to add charm to her persona and wan to know how to do eye makeup. Today, I am here to share some amazing makeup ideas for brown eyes. I will share simple guide of doing eye makeup along with idea. My only intention is to give you a chance to make your eyes pop in a remarkable way. If you follow my guide then it will be quite simple for you to get what you always desire. So, let’s find out what I have for you.

how to do eye makeup

Try light green and pink

light green makeup

Light colors are my favorite because they are quite easy to handle and you don’t need to spend much time on blending. So, try this light color makeup for your eyes.

How to?

  • Apply lightest green shade on upper lid.
  • Define crease area with soft pink color.
  • Apply a bit of silver eyeshadow touch on inner V eye area.
  • Pick blackest black eyeliner and go for attractive flick style.
  • Use false eye lashes or just apply thick darn black eye mascara on natural lashes.
  • Choose nude lipstick color to compliment this startling eye makeup.

Dark and Light Makeup with Blue Lower Line

light and dark brown makeup for eyes

Many times you might have mix dark and light brown colors but this time you need to add some charm to your makeup and it will be achieved when you use colored eye pencil of dark blue or purple color.

How to?

  • Spread light brown shade on your upper lid.D
  • Define crease and outer V area with dark brown eyes shadow.
  • Fix false eye lashes and apply light flick black eye liner.
  • Apply liner close to lower lash line.
  • Use color pencil or color eyeliner and draw a line next to your lower eyeliner line.
  • You also need to add a light and dark touch to your lipstick. For this purpose apply dark coffee brown matte lipstick around lip line and fill inner lips with light peach lipstick.

Go for Sparkling Blue Eyes

blue glittery makeup ideas

This makeup idea seems suitable for night party, though you can copycat this look for some special party.

How to?

  • Apply dark blue eyeshadow on your eyes below eye crease area.
  • Take sparkling light gold or bronze eyeshadow for drawing out beauty of your crease and inner V-eye area.
  • Make outer-V with dark black eyeshadow.
  • Use a bit of glitter on your blue eyes.
  • Fix false eye lashes and go for thin style flick eyeliner.
  • Matte pink lipstick will make a perfect combination with this kind of makeup.

How to do eye makeup Turquoise with bronze

blue and brown eye makeup


This is one of my favorite makeup looks as this color combination is simply special. Here are some steps that let you grab the same look.

  • Apply light silver white shade on your eyes.
  • Apply soft matte turquoise shade on outer half eye area.
  • Define your eye crease with dark and light bronze eye-shadow.
  • Make outer-V corner of eye with dark black color.
  • Fix false eyelashes and then go for sleek black eyeliner line
  • Matte Pink lipstick seems the best choice for this kind of makeup.

Summer Orange and Sky Blue Makeup idea

orange eyeshadow with blue eyeliner

If you choose right color combination then definitely you can make the most from your eye beauty. Here is another idea to follow for.

How to?

  • Apply soft touch orange eye shadow on your eyes.
  • Blend crease shade with a soft brown eye shadow.
  • Apply false eyelashes.
  • Make a perfect wing with black eye liner.
  • You don’t need single wing but add charm to your eye makeup by creating another wing with sky blue eye pencil or eyeliner.
  • Soft light brown matte lipstick will make you simply adorable.

Golden Charm makeup for Brown Eyes

golden eye makeup for brown eyes

Another amazing idea that you need to copy when you are going to wear gold outfit is this one.

How to do?

  • Apply matte golden eye shadow and blend it well.
  • Use dark bronze eyeshadow for your crease.
  • Use silver highlighter on eye highlighting area.
  • Make a perfect eye wing with black eye liner.
  • Go for false eye lashes just to make your look super amazing.
  • Fill your eye waterline with green eye pencil.

5 Important Points for Beautiful Makeup

  1. Before you try any of these makeup ideas, you need to follow some important points.
  2. Make your face and eye base with liquid foundation.
  3. Contour your face with contour powder kit.
  4. Make your brow beautiful with brow gel and powder application.
  5. Always use pink or brown blush on to compliment your beautiful eyes.

I am feeling quite relaxed because I shared some great ideas with you. Now you know how to do eye makeup with charm and extra beauty. So, try any idea and share your comment with me.

Image Source/Credit : Instagram/beautybyfaz

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