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How to Do Dutch Braid? Video Tutorial

Do you want to know how to do Dutch braid? You have certainly hit the right place, I would like to tell you the simple way of doing this braid. Keep in mind that this is among basic braids which always use in hairstyling. When you learn this braid then you are capable of trying many different .It’s always advisable to girl to learn basic braiding and then add their own unique factors. If you know how to do a French braid then it won’t be really hard for you to try this kind of braid because it is reverse form.

how to do dutch braid video tutorial

How to Do Dutch braid?

I won’t take you straight to the tutorial but first I would like you to read all steps. There are many people who can learn anything by simply reading. So, if you prefer reading article over watching it, then you can find tutorial below.

Things You’ll need

  • Thin tail hair comb
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Elastic hair band
  • Hair spray

Step No.1 It’s good to properly comb your hair. If they seem dry then use water spray and wet them especially from crown and back of the neck areas.

Step No.2 Use thin tail comb and take a big hair section from the top middle area of your head.

Step No.3 Divide this hair section into three equal parts:left, middle and right. Move left section under middle and then right section under middle and do regular braid.

Step No.4  Take thin hair section from left side, add it to left hair section and then pass it under middle section.

Step No.5 Take a thin hair section with the mean of thin tail comb from right side, add it to right hand section and then pass it under middle.

Step No.6 Follow step 4 and 5 and continue braiding.

Step No.7 Keep braiding your hair until you reach at the end.

Step No.8 secure braid with the mean of elastic hair band.

Step No.9 Loose your braid strands a bit with your fingers.

Step No.10 Use hair spray, so this style stay beautiful for long hours.

Step no.11 With the mean of comb, you need to smooth out your side hair that you added into your braid.

Voila! You have got complete idea how to do Dutch braid. Now if you still need to know its main points then you should watch this braid video tutorial.

Why it is important to Learn Dutch braid?

Being a girl, you must know how to do different kinds of hairstyles. It is among the most common types of braids. When you know how to do it then you find it really easy to wear it many different ways. Like you can make a crown with this braid, make curls and adore one side of head with it, wear it with other braids like lace braid, fishtail braid, and many more. Actually, there are a lot more ways to wear it with beauty and grace. So, it’s good to learn it.

I have shared Dutch braid tutorial with you.If you are still confuse and have some questions in mind then feel free to ask them. It is also possible that you learn to make it via this tutorial. If it is the case then don’t forget to share your comments with us.

Image and Video credit : Youtube/ JEhat

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