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How to do a Fishtail braid? Image Tutorial

Fishtail hairstyles are becoming really popular on fashion runways and in routine life. So, it is essential for every girl to know how to do a fishtail braid. I’m going to share step by step image tutorial just to make it possible for you to become an expert of this braid in no time. Intricate pattern of braid looks similar to fish body patterns, therefore it is based on the name of this animal. Girls love to wear this hairstyle from casual to formal parties. There are many different ways to make this braid simply adorable. But you can’t understand all those ways unless you get complete idea about the basics-which I’m going to describe now.

how to do a fishtail braid

How to Do a Fishtail braid Step by Step Guide

I want you to have a close look at this picture and try to understand every single step of it. Trust me it is really easy to create this idea, all you need to focus on two main things “crossing and addition of strands into alternative sides”. Let’s  find out what I’m actually try to say you.

  1. Comb your hair and remove all tangles, there shouldn’t be any tangle; otherwise it will come into your hair braiding way. Divide your hair into two equal sections: left and right section.
  2. Take a thin ½ inch hair strand from the farthest side of your left hair section, cross it over left section.
  3. Take a thin around one an half inch hair strand from the outer edge of right hair section, cross it over your right section and then make its cross with a thin hair strand that extracted in step no.2 This hair cross is quite important because it is an important pattern that you will have to maintain. Once crossing is done, tuck right hair strand under left hair section and it will become a part of this section. Tuck left hair strand under right hair section in a way that it becomes a permanent part of this section.
  4. It’s time to repeat steps no.2 and 3. Take hair strands from left and right section, cross them over one another and then add them to opposite sections. This is the simple yet the main trick of this braid.
  5. Continue braiding and one important thing that you must need to do is to tightening your hair sections after addition of strands. The more you tight a braid, the better it look will be.
  6. Do fishtail braiding until you reach end of hair strands. Secure this braid with an elastic hair band.

Hurrah! You know how to do a fishtail braid only in 10 minutes. This style is indeed really easy to follow and you don’t have to focus on a lot of things. Just keep in mind crossing and addition of opposite strands and you can do many different kind of styling. I hope this image tutorial helps you learn this braid. In case you still have some questions then I would like to answer your queries.

Just follow this tutorial and share your experience with me. Have you learnt fishtail braiding? Or still need some help?

Image Source: Instagram/hairdotuttorial_id

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