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How to Contour Your Face Perfectly? Video and Guidelines

Do you want to know how to contour your face in a charming manner? If yes, then it is indeed the right time to learn this art of face sculpting. It happens many times that you try to contour your face but it doesn’t go well. So, what you really need to do is to focus on some important points related to face contouring. I would like to highlight those main points first and later you would be able to watch some quick videos related to face contouring.

Main Points to Consider for Face Contouring

Here are some main points which needs your immediate attention.

Always follow some basic angles

No matter you are going to use a contour powder or creamy contouring product, you have to keep in mind one thing and it is proper angles. You need to know what exactly face contouring map is. Don’t use product randomly on your face. It is a fact that contouring is like an art, you have to learn it.  Check this quick face contour map which provides you complete idea where you need to use dark contour powder.

how to contour your face steps

Image via Instagram/mikeorphanides

face highlighting and contouring picture

Image via Instagram/drogerienatura

Try to Contour your Face according to Your Face Shape

Every face shape is different, so same technique of face contouring cannot be used for all. Square face shape is wider than oval , so it needs to contour in a way that it looks great and attractive. If you really want that your face look like a celebrity or model then try to pay attention to your face shape. Always do contouring depending on your face shape. Below you can find a quick map that highlights main areas for contouring and highlighting different types of face shapes such as diamond, round, square, oval, etc. Check your face shape and save this picture. Next time when you are going to contour your face you need to apply contour cream or powder exactly at an angle- which is highlighted in the picture.

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how to contour your face shape oval rectangle square heart

Use Best Face Contouring Products

Just search “Face Contouring kit, cream, etc” in Google and in a matter of seconds you would be able to find many results.If you are in hurry and need something that really work great then I suggest you to give a try to Aesthetic Cosmetic Cream Contour and Highlighting Makeup Kit. This kit comes with step by step instructions that makes it easy for you to do contour and highlighting in an effortless manner.

What you need to do is to pick the best product for you.  When I said best then it is not one with brand tag on it. Actually , it is the one that is according to your face type. You can either go with face contour powder kit, creamy contour kit or simply contouring cream. Actually, you have many options but I highlighted three. If your skin is oily then avoid creamy stuff and go with powdery form of face contouring. Girls with dry skin tone should prefer creamy contour products as it brings hydrating touch to your face.Another good thing I like about creamy type face contouring products is that they are quite easy to handle. You can blend it very easily.

face contouring makeup kit picture

Image via Instagram/jacquelinemaywebster

Don’t Forget Face highlighting after Contour

I often notice that girls spend a lot of time on face contour and don’t think of face highlighting. While fact is that both are two important parts of your makeup routine. Below I am going to give you a face highlighting and contouring map, it makes it easy for you how to contour your face in the best manner. Keep in mind that by contouring makes your face shape perfect while highlight add glow into it. And definitely you need both things side by side.

face contouring and face highlighting picture map

Top 5 Videos for Learning Face Contouring Techniques

Now I am going to share 5 really amazing videos with you. These videos will guide you how to contour your nose, cheeks, foreheads, chin and other important parts of your face. I am sure you would be able to learn a lot from these videos.

1.How to Contour Nose and Face Easily with Tapes

You may have use tapes for winged eyeliner. Now it’s time to grab tapes, so you can contour your face quite easily. This makeup trick comes from Makeup expert of “Huda Beauty”. I’m sure you would love it

2.Face Contour and Highlight Mix Video

This video help you decide which color you need to pick for face contouring or highlight. You definitely have to choose a shade darker from your face tone for contouring. When it comes to highlight, two tone darker shades definitely do some magic


3.How to Contour Your Face Step by Step Video

You would definitely like this video that highlights every single step of face contouring. You don’t need simply brush and sponge for blending the contour cream and pencil lines. You can also use back of your spoon for contouring your forehead areas, seems interesting.


4.Cover Dark Circles and Do Contouring

You definitely need to cover your dark circles, when it comes to getting a beautiful girl look. If your eyes have dark circles around them then it is definitely hard for you to get an attractive look.  You can get rid of dark circles, just when you use the best cream treatment. I suggest you to consider CeraVe Renewing System for dark circles. This cream has been used by many people including me and it helps you lighten your dark circles and reduce puffy eye looks.

This video tell you how to cover your dark circles and get a beautiful girl look. Once you done with base, you need to try stunning eye makeup tutorial.

5.Contouring and Makeup Video

This video quickly explains steps for face contouring and also highlights some important steps for an amazing makeup. You would surely like to follow it on an upcoming party.

Is it Important to Do Face Contour?

The simple answer is “yes”. You need to make your face shape curvy and attractive and it is possible when you do contouring. Your looks twenty time more flattering with contouring. You may not agree with me but I would like you to have a look at before and after picture of Face contour. This picture clearly shows that how a girl look great after contouring.

contouring your face before and after

Girls ! you really need to focus on face contouring, highlighting and under eye circle coverage. All these things are important, if you want to grab a model like look. Celebrities who inspire you are definitely like you, what make them different and quite attractive is their makeup. If you learn basic of makeup like how to contour your face and other things, it won’t be quite hard for you to imitate them in a manner you love.

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