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Messy and Sassy Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2015

Your hair texture can determine whether or not a particular cut be able to make a statement for your personality, style and body expression. Fortunately, some women are born with naturally long, lush thick hair which is very difficult to handle.

Those women who are going to offices or work in a professional environment find it hard to get some time free to tame their hair which is sometimes too messy to control without a very short cut. If it is kept long or in the way as it is,  some rough edges grow longer, making a bad impression. They make one to appear careless and reckless in terms of personal styling and grooming, therefore it’s necessary that you pick a hair cut that can last longer without your having to visit a saloon many times in every three months.

There is no need to keep trimming down the layers from the back or getting them cut in an equal size because there are some wonderful and very productive hairstyles for thick hair 2015 which you can consider trying because they are worth-trying of course.

Compact Short hairstyles for thick hair 2015:

The first is an example of long and short bangs which you wear with ease and comfortable. The color is nice and complimentary for almost any skin tone. Few golden streaks have amplified the beauty to a great extent. The style suits anyone working in a professional or an informal office environment.

Thick stacked bob hairstyle

These little shags have got very thick voluminous.  The cut basically defines which side of the face should be highlighted and which side to be hid. If you need a better framing, this one is definitely perfect for y


semi-curled hairstyle thick hair

Pompadour hairstyle for thick hair 2015:

I am sure you have noticed its elegance and beauty. Though it’s very heavily styles but this is not something that you cannot achieve on your own. Just brush back your front thick hair to get the same transformation and get as many appraises as possible.

Thick short pompadour with streaks

Great Gold Pixie for Thick hair:

The color is just stunning so is the dimension of the cut. The front fringe has got some highs and lows and they are covering the forehead in the best way possible. The sideburns are also kept long to make a nice impression. Moreover, one more astonishing factor is the way the thick hair has been styled- it’s messy and sexy all together.

pixie hairstyle for thick hair

Slicked Thick Style in Golden:

The great golden shade for the very fair skin tone is making a big blast these days. If you have not had got a chance to try it yet, now is the right time to do it. The partition is done in a curvy style and staking of the thick bangs is very extraordinary. No need to have experience to do it, just use the wax and style your thick hair in the side-swept tucked hair.

slicked hairstyle thick hair

Messy and Bouncy Thick hairstyle:

This haircut has got very nice angels, you can notice that the sides have small layers whereas the crown has got bigger hair strands rolling over each other, creating a carefully messed up pattern.

short messy hairstyle for thick hair

Thick Bob bang:

The falling hair is a beauty itself, it’s just that you need to decide which way should it fall and what their length be.

short bob cut thick hair

Jennifer’s inspired cut:

I am sure she might have had it done by a high-end expert, after all she is a famous celebrity. You can transformation your thick hair in the same way with little effort, just dye it in two shades and then get your bangs trimmed and angeled.

jennifer hairstyle for thick hair

Messy Red Stacked Bob for thick textured hair:

It’s cool! Not only this color is perfect but also the cut, though there seems to be a messy texture into it, but it’s completely the work to add more grace in the makeover.

glam red bob thick hair

Mohawk Styled Pixie for thick hair:

It’s not fringe, not bob and not a complete official mohawk, in fact it’s a combination of all and is very comfortable to pull off.short fringe for thick hair

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