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10 Age Reversing Haircuts for Women over 50

Every woman has a right to look beautiful, no matter what her age is. So, I’m here with some beautiful ideas of haircuts for women over 50. My only intention is to help those energetic women who want to look eye-catching by changing their haircut. I have created a collection of all those haircuts that help you reverse your age. In another words, you would look younger than your actual age, if you consider getting any of these haircuts. So, let’s start exploring ideas without any superfluous delay.

1.Cute Pixie Bangs

blonde pixie hairstyle

Women with blonde girl can easily increase their charm factor by this haircut. All you need to get a bit longer pixie and then spread bangs on your forehead. It is indeed good to use some hair styling cream just to make your short strands straight. Whenever you are going to choose a cream, you need to make sure than it would not provide too much greasy touch to hair. The beauty of your hair often overlooked when you use very greasy styling product, try to avoid its use as much as you can.


2.Auburn Hair fur

short haircuts for women

Women love to wear outfit with soft fur but this is the right time to turn your hair into soft fur. Cut your hair into less than two inches in hair length and then pick auburn hair color to boost up overall appearance. In case you don’t like this color then surely you can change it with your own favorite shade but try to pick vibrant colors just to get glam touch to persona.


3.Boy Haircut

black women haircut idea

You might not mind adding strong man touch into your hairstyle. It is good to know that many top celebrities prefer this haircut over others just because they know how much charm this haircut could offer them. Emma Watson love to consider it and you might also like to follow Michelle. Whether you like to copycat celebrity haircuts or not, this particular short haircut will create an enticing frame around your face.


4.The Platinum Fringe

cute hair ideas for aged women

A hair color that looks super charming on women over 50 is platinum. Don’t need to stick with your gray hair when you could hot and funky with platinum hair color. Unlike pixie where hair length is kept really short, fringe wants you to keep hair length more than 3 inches. You can give sharp touch to this haircut by asking your hair dresser to use razor while doing this job.

5.Soft Short Curtain Layers

brunette hairstyle

It is one of popular short haircuts for women over 50 with thin hair

A Hairstylist adds soft layers into your hair. The length of hair is kept shorter on back as compared with front hair. You can taper hair around your ears just to make your style simply promising. Changing your hair color along with this style is a strong recommendation to follow for.

6.Side Parted Bob haircut

simple bob haircuts for women over 50

Too much funky touch to your haircut might affect your personality grace. It’s good to consider simple yet stylish haircuts for yourself like this. All you need to side part your hair and get a simple long bob haircut. You need to focus on styling of this haircut. The beauty of cut is largely dependent on flat hair, so you should use flat iron after applying hair styling cream or gel in your hair.

7.Shaved Sides with Edgy Bangs

blonde edgy bangs

If style is the only thing defines your personality then you should opt for this cut. Hair from back and sides are shaved completely. You will get one edgy layered fringe that fall from back to your forehead. This haircut is truly inspired from graceful aged action divas of Hollywood. You would be able to grab instant style with the mean of this haircut.

8.Funky Faux hawk

short buzz cut for women

I really love this short hairstyle as it is easy to set and you can obtain the most attractive look. The hair length of front and crown hair is usually kept longer than side and back hair. You can shave the side or back hair but it is good to keep length short instead of getting rid of all hair from this area. Use hair comb along with textured hair spray to create perfect faux hawk hairstyle for women over 50.

9.Hair Spikes and Tattoos

hair tattoos idea for women over 50

Want to look cool? I think this idea is what make you really cool. The hair length of front hair is longer than back and side hair. Razor is used to create hair tattoos on back or side. You need to choose the best design for tattoo as this design adds extra charm to your short spiky haircut.

10.Pop Star Mohawk haircut

cool faux hawk hair

This is one of the best hairstyles for women over 50 with thick hair.

We all love music but this is the time to take inspiration of your hairstyle right from music world. A lot of pop stars appear with different kinds of Mohawk hairstyles. So, it’s good to follow their path of hairstyling and pull of a voluminous Mohawk look. You can try some other form of Mohawk as well such as fan Mohawk, fo hawk or Faux hawk.  The main idea is to get unique hairstyle for yourself.

I have unlocked some great ideas of haircuts for women over 50 with fine hair. No matter what haircut you opt for, you would be in a position to see a big change into your look. The best of all, such haircuts would minus almost 5-10 years from your age and this is what you always want.

Now tell me which idea you would consider for yourself.





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