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10 Hair Tattoos for Kids for Get Cool Guy Look

Searching for some cute hair tattoos for kids? Certainly, you have hit the right place. I’m here to share 10 designs ideas which are not only trendy but also very popular all over the world. No matter which part of the world you belong to, you are able to try these designs. Always seek service of an expert barber, so you get  perfect designs. I let you explore my collection that I extracted from a barber shop for your comfort. You can take picture of any designs to your nearby shop and then ask a barber to create same hair design for your kid. Let’s check my collection now.

geometrical hair tattoos for kids

1.Double V Shapes

double v design idea for kids hair


Whether  your kid  prefer fade or combover for front hair, you should ask barber to try sharp double V tattooing for the back. This design is indeed bold but give your kid’s personality a fascinating charm. Shears and T-outliner is normally used to create this kind of design. But your barber might like to work with his own tools. Shaving machines are normally used these days for getting charming tattoos on head.

2.Light Flash Designs

razor cut styling for kids

If your kid is inspired from The Flash TV series, then he might like to get its logo. But a true inspiration is not the only thing that is needed to pick this idea. Simply, this design is quite amazing. Kid can wear it with fade or blurry taper haircut.

3.Geometrical tattoos

geometrical hair tattoos for kids

When we say geometry then it means any angle that seems adorable. It could be mixing of classic angles like triangle, V, lines, dots, circle and many other things. The main idea is to grab a design that looks promising and unique side by side.

4.lines with half moon

cute haircut designs kids

Connect lines close to front and ear sides and then create a line ends with half moon on the back. This complete design combination brings an effect that always consider quite charming for kids. When it comes to main haircut, you can keep hair short  especially when your kid has natural curly hair. The back hair can be cut with Freestyle V-traditional barber hairstyling.

5.Sharp Razor cut line

side parting haircut designs

It is among the most popular hair tattoo designs not only among kids but also among men. Sports stars and celebrities love to enhance their personality charm with the mean of sharp razor cut partition from one side. This is a kind of professional styling with extra chic effect.

6.Star hair tattoos for kids

star hair design

Adding stars to your little super star’s hair seems like a wonderful idea. One important thing that you need to consider while picking this design is that only an expert barber is capable of offering this design. That’s mean you don’t need to visit a local shop, try a branded shop where expert help is available easily.

7.Perfect Side head Line

side sharp line tattoo

This is among the most terrific design ideas for hair. As you can see, little guy has perfect V short hair style and then barber adds his x-factor with the mean of deep razor cut side parting that begins from top and end to the back. This angled design is indeed worth your consideration.

8.Stunning Scrolling hair design idea

kids side hair tattoos scroll design idea for kids head

Scrolls with lines or curves are common. When you don’t need a simple design then try something complicated which comprises of more than one shape. An expert hairstylist know how to combine different shapes to create unique design.

9.A Cute line at One side

razor parting hairstyles simple side razor line for kids

If you don’t like to parting your kids hair with razor then you can just add a beautiful side line to his overall style. No doubt, this tattoo would look super cool and give your kid a super star like appearance.

10. Try Slash Line from Crown to Back

back of head slash line designs

Another amazing design idea that you would like to try is The Slash. This look like a scar on your kid’s head but trust me it will give him a very strong little guy look instantly.

You finally got 10 amazing ideas of hair tattoos for kids. Every idea is wonderful from my angle but I don’t know what your angle is. I also suggest you to show off all designs to your kid and let him decide; though you can also suggest him the best one.

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