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Get Cute Girl look with 25 Best Bob Haircuts

Want to trim your hair this year? Need some style inspiration? Well, you have hit the right place as I’m going to shed light on 25 best bob haircuts. I added “best” due to the fact that they suit to almost every girl, no matter what her face shape is. Moreover, such haircuts make your look super trendy. My collection is completely fashion forward, in another words the style your see here are inspired from either top fashion models runway or from hot celebrities. Getting a short haircut definitely adds convenience into your life as you have to pay less time and attention on styling. Best of all, cost of styling products also minimized to a great extent. Let’s check what haircuts ideas I have brought for your fashion and style.

1.Multi angled bob cut

edgy hair

image via Thirteen of Clubs 

It is common to follow a simple angle while getting a haircut but what is quite uncommon is to think of multiple angles. Keep hair long from front and short from nape area. It would be surely look great on a girl who have thin hair and has desire to add volume impact. Cut your hair in asymmetrical fashion would surely boost up hair volume and also offer you charming diva persona.

2.Red Short Waves 

red hairstyles

image via Tin Foil Racoon 

You never know how much aesthetic appeal  can be added to your strands with the mean of waves. If you already have shoulder lwngty ahoet hairstyles then the best way to draw out beauty into your hair is to get some casual soft waves. For this purpose, apply a bit of hair serum and then get loose waves with the mean of hair styling tools. Once you done with waves, hold your style at its place for long hours by using textured hair spray.

3.Rihanna bob cut

rihanna hairstyles

image via Flickr 

Rihanna is indeed a style diva whose followers are not only black women but also billions of American ladies. So, if you want to follow her then never miss her sleek and straight chin length bob haircut. One thing that makes this hairstyle adorable is full bangs. When it comes to styling, you need to use a styling cream that offers shine but not the greasy look.

4.face covered bob angled winged

chin length hairstyles

image via Flickr

This short haircut is inspired from the korean girls who prefer chin length bob cut and always look really cute. You are able to add innocent charm into your persona with this particular haircut. But again you should wear it with an extra style i.e. get angled wings in your bob cut.

5.Stylish Edgy long bob cut

brunette hairstyles bob

image via Flickr

I would suggest this haircut exclusive to professional women. Reason is pretty simple, it is very easy to set and render compact look. Working women don’t have enough time to do hairstyling task. When they opt for this short length style then they have to put little effort on overall styling. An important thing to keep in mind is that your hair needs to be sleek and straight if you try this haircut. This style might not perfect for those girls who have too much curly or frizzy hair because they need to use hair iron extensively.

6.Platinum Side Parted Haircut

platinum bob hairstyles

image via Flickr 

Don’t want to opt for full hair bangs? Give a try to side bangs since most of the celebrities love to consider this particular hairstyle. You need to side part your hair and then ask your hairstylist to proceed with stacked bob haircut. You can go for either left or right side partition. Before you get a cut, you need to decide which side partition would suit you.

7.Auburn short bangs Style

edgy bob hairstyles

Image via Lovenothing 

It is one of my favorite short bob haircuts. instead of sticking with full bangs, you should get edgy short banga that create an enticing frame around your face; all you need to make it combo with messy edgy very short bob hairstyle.

8.Simple shoulder length folded back style

folded inside bob hairstyles

Image via Tin Foil Raccoon

In case you are not ready to opt for short haircut then you should consider getting a long hairstyle. It must not fall below your shoulders otherwise it would miss the real charm. Try to fold hair ends inwards with your blow dryer and hair brush. You can do this after application of hair spray.

9.Black Heavy flow style

black bob

Image via Anneheathen

Girls who want to add some extra volume to hair must take a close look of this short bob hairstyle. It is a form of angled cut where hair length is kept long at front and short in the back. Instead of keeping graduated angles straight, you have to fold them outward with  hair comb and blow dryer. You can see heavy volume on the crown as hair length goes down from top to back.

10.Blonde Layered bob hairstyle

angled haircut

image via Idhren 

Adding layers into your a bit long bob style seems like a fascinating idea. When you opt fot it then you have to pay much attention to styling since its beauty is largely dependent on sleekiness. In simple words, you have to use hair iron too often to enhance your style and look.

11.heavy bangs  with very short bob haircut

heavy fringe hairstyles

image via Flickr 

You might have seen many bold girls in action movies. Did you ever notice there hairstyle? If not then it is time to pay attention to above image. As you can see, girl wore full bangs with short cut. This opposite sort of haircuting make her look super glamorous. The sharp edges of bob make her look like a bold girl. Best of all, her black hair color perfectly compliments her action girl kinda look.

12.Cute framing Face bob cut

simple bangs style bob hairstyle

image via Flickr 

We all know that our hair is a frame of face. You should try your best to make this frame as beautiful as you can. I have grabbed a style inspiration from Hollywood’s top celebrity. All you need to get full hait bangs and then get simple straight short bob haircut. This style is really easy to handle and look amazing on heart and diamond shaped faces.

13.Charming beauty bob style

cute celebrity hairstylesimage via Flickr 

Do you want to look like a style diva? Get an asymmetrical cut and turn into fasinating style with the mean of whisky fringe. There is no need to cover full forhead with fringe when you are able to divide it into three thin strands and set them in a casual way.When it comes to length of bob then strands should fall below 2-3 inches from your ear but they won’t touch the chin.

14.Bettie page style bangs

short bangs hairstyles

image via Flickr 

Girls who need classic touch to thier styling would never mind getting Betie page style short bangs. This idea is inspired from 60s hairstyle. As you know short bangs are uncommon with short bob haircuts but if you want to grab extraordibary appearance , then it would be a right option.

15.Blonde sleek bob swept back fringe

swept back bangs and bob hairstyles

image via Flickr

No need to wear full bangs all the time, sometimes you can swept them back just to highlight your beautiful graduated bob hairstyle. Grab all your bangs and sweep them backwards with the mean of your comb. Apply a bit of hair cream only to add neatness element into style. Of course, you have to apply styling gel before you start using hair iron. The beauty of this style would be unlocked only when you keep your hair silky straight.

16.Curtain bob haircut

very short bob hairstyles

image via Flickr 

Want to grab tom boy look? It can only be attained with very short bob hair style. Your hairstyling would give you cheek-length bob or in another words all hair strands would fall over cheeks. Cute girly look is a probable outcome from this style. The hair from the back are tapered. Your hair dresser would ask you whether you need shaved back or a few inches long hair strands. Normally, the second options looks amazing.

17.The Clear Graduation Cut 

angled bob hairstyles

The popularity of graduation bob is touching at its peak level since it brings the real charm factor into one’s personality. A hair dresser center parts your hair and then create the perfect longer to shorter strands angle. The hair on the back and sides are shorter than front. Interestingly, it is among those bob haircuts which is considered suitable for blonde, brunette and black girls. Some girls try to add extra charm to this style either by getting some color highlights or dying hair with dark vibrant colors.

18.One sided Bob hair style

colored bob hairstyles

image via Flickr 

Want to try something special? You should try a bad girl look which you can achieve by getting layered bob only at one side. Now you will ask what to do with the hair of another side. Well, you have to shaved them completely. This seems a bit awkward but just see the picture and you realize how pretty you would look. If you have light hair color then try red, purple or green highlights. Girls with dark hair colors consider adding ash green or blonde front hair strand highlight. For getting perfect bad girl look, you should also need to get some tattoos. Nose and ear piercing should be your personal choice.

19.Shoulder Length Graduated bob

sleek bob cut

image via Flickr 

You look really beautiful when your sleek and straight hair tresses fall on your shoulder. The graduated or angled bob style is indeed a great idea. But once you have this haircut, you should know how to wear it in the most terrific manner. The style would look rigorous without styling cream and hair ironing. So, you might have to spend your time daily with hair styling products and tools but this time would really bring a worthy outcome i.e. you look like a charming girl and this is what you always need.

20.Chic platinum Style 

model bob hairstyles

image via Flickr 

Blonde girls usually bleached their hair for getting super trendy platinum hair color. In case you do the same then don’t forget to make your look perfect with a short hair style comprises of angled bob with full bangs. When you are going to set this hairstyle, you must have to maintain its charm effect with hair iron application.Don’t forget to apply a bit of gel on hair strands before you start making your hair straight.

21.Celebrity Side Parted Hair Style 

celebrity bob hairstyles

image via Flickr 

If you want to grab celebrity like appearance then you should opt for side partition of your bob hair style. Trust me this simple partition would bring a significant change into your face cut. Your partition should be clear and deep, so it is good for you to use gel in your hair and then part hair with the mean of a thin tail hair comb.

22.Small Layered Cut bob

small bob cut

image via Flickr

If you have long weak hair then it is time to get a short bob haircut. There is no need to go outside with your unattractive thin tresses. Ask your hair dresser to add short and long asymmetrical layers into your hair style. This pattern would instantly boost up volume and body of hair. Asymmetrical angles with side bangs would surely look very eye-catching.

23.Shoulder length Messy Bob 

wavy bob hairstyle

Image via Love Megan 

Do you have natural wavy hair? Don’t want to cut your hair very short? You should consider getting a shoulder length haircut. Adore this style with side bangs which are longer in length from normal full hair bangs. What makes this style really attractive for girls is the fact that it would not require you to put a lot of effort on styling. Don’t use styling products, just finger comb your hair and you are ready with your messy yet charming hair style.

24.Simple Bob with side Bangs 

bob hairstyles with side bangs


Image via Valerie Hinojosa

When you have natural black hair and want to get the most from your hair then you should adore your overall appearance with side bangs and sleek bob hair style. Girls with thin hair must give this style a try because it adds extra volume.

25.sleek long bob hairstyle 

long bob cut

image via Anneheathen 

It is among the cutest bob  haircuts that must be tried by every girl who is growing her very short bob cut. You don’t need to do a lot of things for pulling off this wonderful appearance. All you need to do is to apply a bit of gel and then you should comb your hair for removing all tangles. In case you have a bit of wavy hair then try to make your hair straight with the use of hair iron and gel.Don’t forget to side part your hair just to make your look heart-melting.

Finally, you have really amazing 25 bob haircuts ideas. Every idea looks okay to me but of course you need to pick one option that looks more appealing to you. These ideas unlock hair style from very short hair length to a bit more than shoulder length. This means girls can choose an idea according to their desirable hair length.

I would be more than happy to get your views about these ideas. Don’t hesitate to share your own ideas with us.

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