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10 Amazing Front Neck tattoo Ideas for Men

Guys! Do you need some really cool front neck tattoo ideas?  I am here to unlock 10 design ideas that you would surely like to try. Before you go for any of these ideas, you should know that it’s not really easy to get a tattoo on neck, it would be a painful experience. But you are able to get a very eye catching look once you are done with few days of bruising and pain. Let’s start exploring neck designs now.

1.Terrifying Wolf

horrible tattoo ideas

This is indeed a very amazing design. Guys opt for lion or wolf art as it makes them look more powerful. Some think they have traits of this beast while other give it a try just because they like wolf character in fantasy movies or TV series. No matter what your basic purpose is, it looks super fascinating. We normally assigned negative meanings to this creature while there are many positive meanings of wolf tattos.


  • Protector of innocent
  • Great leader
  • Noble warriors
  •  luck
  • Fertility

2.Realistic black lines Behind skin

realistic black neck tattoo

You need to visit an expert tattoo artist, if you need some kind of realistic tattoos on your body. Such designs require extra skill. Behind your neck skin, you usually have flesh but an expert can depict some different thing in way that people get confused whether it is real or unreal.


  • Illusion
  • Distraction
  • Just for fun

3.Beautiful red Rose tattoo

red tose tattoo for love

Demonstration of your commitment with love is possible with red rose. Men and women opt for this kind of design ideas especially when they fall in love. Red rose is used to show off pure and true love. If you love someone from the bottom of your heart then this design would be perfect for you.


  • Love
  • Trust
  • Honor
  • Beauty
  • Balance
  • Purity
  • Spirituality
  • Passion
  • Romance
  • Victory
  • Heart

4.Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Tattoo mean

This flower is quite beautiful; every petal of it is clear and attractive. If you don’t want to get it on your neck then you should think about some other places. It would look good on back and side. Forearm can be adored with this design.


  • Long Life
  • Happy life
  • Flower of Fall and Fullness
  • Solar Power

5.Glowing skull neck tattoo ideas

glowing skull tattoo meaning

Guys who are really daring and courageous opt for some unique design. They don’t like normal things, they like something really different and abnormal. So, glowing skull tat seems like a great idea for them.This design is quite attractive, almost everyone who looks at its once like to see it again and again.


  • Symbol of Celebration of Life
  • Death
  • Anger
  • Rebirth
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Protection
  • Major life change

6.Blue bird for mother’s Love

blue bird swallow tattoo mother love

We all love our parents, especially mothers. When we lost them, we realize how much valuable they are for our lives. Memorial tattoo designs are quite common, if you want to get one then blue bird along with heart in its beak and mother’s love message seems like a good idea. You can also get this ink even when your mother is alive as it would show your love for her.


  • Prosperity
  • Love
  • Sign of Happiness
  • Good health

7.Bunch of flowers

front neck colored tattoo men

Flowers is another form of beauty that you can add to your persona in the form of an ink. Instead of getting white and black ink, you should go for colorful designs as they look eye-catching all the time. You can get different flowers like jasmine, lily, rose,etc.


  • Beauty
  • Purity
  • Spirituality
  • Romance

8.Home Tower with compass tattoo

home and compass tattoo for direction to home

If you are away from your home and missing it then you should try this idea. Get a compass which directions set to home tower. Every time you look at this tattoo, you would remember that you will have to get back to your home sweet home but first you need to overcome hardships of life. This tattoo will provide enough motivation.


  • Protection
  • Get idea of right path
  • Much-needed guidance
  • Sense of direction
  • Always finding a way home
  • Ray of hope

9.Anchor design tattoo

anchor tattoo mean stability

It is one of the popular neck tattoo ideas for men. Anchor means you want to stay wherever you already are. This means you have found your destination and you want to stay. One thing that is common in man’s life is that they find it really hard to remain faithful to one girl until they find true love. So, this design depicts the same meaning. But men could have some other meanings associated with this idea.


  • Loyalty
  • Dedication to Something Great
  • Honor
  • Stability
  • Hope
  • Protection

10.White Rose design

black rose neck tattoo ideas

We usually think that colors add beauty to a rose but it’s not a fact. This flower looks really beautiful even when it features black or white or simply no colors. A guy who feels that colors of happiness, joy and love have been snatched from his life, can go for this design idea.


  • Innocence
  • Friendship
  • Platonic love
  • Simplicity
  • Friendship
  • Maturity

Gentleman! You have grabbed 10 best front neck tattoo ideas along with their meanings. I’m sure this article would help you pick the best designs that demonstrates some deep meanings that you want to depict all the time.

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