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Try French Braid Hairstyles in 13 Different Ways

We all like to wear French braid hairstyles as they add elegance and charm into our personality. Mostly girls appear with standard style where braid starts from the middle and end to regular braid. So, today I decided to unlock 10 different ways of creating this braid. You just need to follow the basic braiding rules and rest of style is simple enough to follow. Let’s unlock these style ideas now.

1.Make braid at one side

side french pancake braiding ideas

Instead of taking hair from the middle section ( which is quite usual), you should try something unique. The idea is to gather hair from one side for braiding. This simple thing would help you add uniqueness factor to your style and this is what you always like.

2.Make a combo with Fishtail

side french and fishtail braiding


Another great idea of style to follow is to wear French and fishtail braid together. Make a simple French braid and instead of closing this braid with regular three strands make it special with chunky fishtail braided patterns. This is how you would be able to get cool hairstyle.

3.Double Side braiding

double side french braiding hairstyles

Try something casual, it means you need to make double braids. Divide hair equally from the middle into two parts and then do braiding of both parts. This seems like a pigtail hairstyle that makes it easy for you to get a sweet girly look.

4.French braid hairstyles with an updo

make an updo with french braid



This is indeed the most beautiful kind of hairstyle idea. Do a simple or side braiding and when you reach close to the nape then you don’t need to do regular braid. You should go with a messy low hair updo or simple twisted bun. Try this idea on upcoming formal event and you will love to accept appreciation from your friends.

5.Upside Down Braiding bun

upside down braid with a bun

I really like upside down braid ideas as they simply look cool and somehow difficult. Fact is that this hairstyle is quite easy to make. Instead of starting from the top front, you need to begin close to nape area. The beauty of this braid is lies on the upper bun as well, therefore you shouldn’t miss it at all.

6.Snake braids accents for Charm

snake braids into side french braid

Make a braid at one side and adore beauty of it with some snake braids. If you don’t know how to make a snake braid then no need to worry. It is quite simple. All you need to make a regular three strand braid very tight. Once you done with braid, pull middle hair section and you will get a fabulous hair snake. Make three snakes to amplify style of your side French braid hairstyle.

7.Double braids with braided bun

double cute small french braid with braided hair do

If you need braid everywhere then this is certainly the best idea for you. Create double braids of your top front hair. When it comes to back hair then you need to make a hair bun and accentuate it with a wrap around regular braid lace.

8.Combine it with Waterfall

waterfall and french braiding hairstyle combo

I really like to wear waterfall as it enhances my beauty to a great extent. You can surely make a combo of this waterfall and French braid. When you need formal kind of styling then an updo with wrap around French braiding seems like the best idea. Wear waterfall at one side or both is simply your choice.

9.Pancaked French braid hairstyles

pancaked type french braiding ideas

Normally, we need to keep our basic braid very tight but if you don’t like to keep your hair tight all the time then I suggest you to opt for pancaked styling idea. It lets you loose your braid as much as you want. It is among some casual hairstyles that you like to try for friends’ party.

10.French lace braiding

updo with french braid hairstyles

This combination is simply charming. You need to keep the specific distance among hair strands that you add into your French braid just to give this braid a perfect lace braid touch. When it comes to back hair then cute little hair bun make your style simply attractive.

11.Double French into One Regular braid

double side french braids with normal braid

The idea is to divide hair into two section for making double braids. Once both  sided braids are done then you need to combine both sections into one and continue with regular braiding. Would you like to try this superb idea.

12.Half up and Half Down braid hairstyle

half up french braid with half down straight hair

Mostly girls like to wear hair in half up and half down way. So, I suggest them to add a bit charm to their overall style by adding double side casual French braid into their flat straight down hair. You can wear this style with regular curls or waves, if you have an attention to attend a special party.

13.Messy French braid hairstyle

messy idea for french braids

Therre is no need to always give finish touch to your hairstyle when you are able to look super amazing with messy side styling. If you are not in a mood of using hair spray or styling cream before you start braiding then just go with your natural fizzy hair and things will turn really great.

Girls! You have got 13 cool French braid hairstyles ideas with which you are able to add extra charm to your hair. Now it’s time to share your own unique ideas or you can surely leave a comment about the best idea you like from my collection. You can also learn how to French braid your own hair, before you try any styling idea.

Image No.1-10 Source/Credit: Instagram/braidsbyjordan

Image No.11-13 Source/Credit: Instagram/braidsbykatie

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