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10 Flower Braid Hairstyles for Adding Aroma into life

Flower braid hairstyles look rely adorable. You can wear them in many different ways. You are able to try such hairstyles on casual or formal events. Simple floral braid seems good but you can make it really charming with ribbons, hair bands, ribbons or other hair accessories. Before I start explaining the ideas, i would like to tell you something really important.

straight hair and middle flower braid

Image via abigailrosehair

How to make Flower Braid Hairstyle

Though it seems really complicated but it is quite easy to make it. You need to follow 4 steps.

  1. Take a thin hair section and make a simple three strand braid.
  2. Use and elastic hair band and secure this braid.
  3. Now start loosing strands from both  side with your fingers.
  4. Pull this braid up and then wrap it in a circle form where end of braid will be set in the middle. Set this flower on its place with the mean of bobby pins.

Amazingly! You have created a simple flower on your head.

10 Cool Ideas of Flower Braid hairstyles

Now you have learned to make floral braids, next important thing to explore is its style ideas.

1.Flower Triplet

Girls must give a try to this hairstyle in their college party. You need to first make your hair straight, use hair iron. Next thing to do is to swept back front hair section and pin it up. If you want to give your overall styling a clear look then you should use hair styling cream before doing hair ironing job. Now take one thin hair strand from right side and create a flower. Take two more sections from lower middle and left and get two more flowers for adoring your head.

triple flower hair designs

Image via brazilianbraids

2.Flowers in waterfall

We all like natural combo of waterfalls and flower garden, so this is time to simulate this fascinating scene with your hair. Take a start from waterfall braid hairstyle and give it an end touch with a cute little flower.

waterfall braid hairstyles

Image via braidsbyjordan

3.Floral hair updo

This kind of style is really popular on wedding. But it is not only for bride. You can try it even you are going to attend ceremony as a guest or bridesmaid. Generally, side braid looks great and you only have to decide whether to make this updo on right or left side.

side braid hair updo

Image via yetanotherbeautysite

4.Fishtail and flower braid combo

Do you prefer intricate hair design? You should opt for this beautiful design which require you to make a side fishtail braid hairstyle and then create a beautiful flower with the tail section of braid.

side fishtail floral hair updo

Image via tiffyloubeauty

5.Flower over a long fishtail

You can draw out beauty of your hair with this kind of hairstyle. Divide hair into two parts: upper short and lower long. Make flower with upper hair section and turn lower hair section into a beautiful fishtail ponytail.

fishtail braid hairstyles

Image via yetanotherbeautysite

6.Up and down Flower braid hairstyles

This hairstyle is good for girls with medium length hair. Your need to sweep back your front hair and then to do a floral braid. Once you done with upper rose, create an updo of lower hair section and adore it with another rose braid.

up and down floral styyle

image via lynzi_boom

7.Purple Flower with Straight hair

Are you going to change your hair color? You should think about purple once. Check image to find out how beautifully this color turns out. No matter you make a flower or simple braid, you hairstyle with simply eye-catching.

purple straight braid hairstyles

Image via elle.damian

8.Violet floral hair style

Girls who like to follow fashion must think about changing their hair color. Some hair colors such as rEd, brown, blonde, etc are really common and boring , so you should think about something new and vibrant like violet. Once you change hair color next thing to do is to  make your style aesthetically appealing with violet rose braid style.

purple straight hair and flower

Image via imakeprettyhairx

9.Wavy Rose hairstyle

it is one of the charming flower braid hairstyles. You need to get beach waves first and then to add super glamor touch to your hairstyle by adding a cute rose in the middle hair section.

wavy braid hairstyles

Image hairbysiani

10.Flower with Rope braids

Take hair strands from one side and divide it into two sections. Twist each section firmly and then start wrapping one section on another. This way you can make a rope braid. Now take hair strand from another side and create another braid. Join both braid at one middle point and then make a simple flower braid style.

rope braid with wavy hairstyyles

Image via harleydoeshair

Want to make your personality adorable? You must try some flower braid hairstyles on special events. Also share your comment about a style that you would like to consider.

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