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11 Cute Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for Long hair

Want to grab cute girl look? Try 11 amazing fishtail braid hairstyles for long hair.

When you know the basic of this braid then it’s never really hard for you to pull off this style in many different ways. Almost all girls have idea of doing simple braid but today I would like to share 11 cool ideas that let you think outside the box. I’m sure you will like to follow these cool ideas of styling. Let’s explore them.

11 Best Fishtail braid hairstyles for Long hair

1.Adore your hairstyle with roses

add roses into your fishtail braid hairstyles

Make braid with lower hair section as you do in a standard way but what is going to be above standard styling is triple roses at one side. For creating rose, you just need to create a regular three strand braid first. Once you done it, loose some hair strands and then wrap them in the form of a rose. Secure your roses on head with bobby pins.

2.Try 4 Strands braiding alongside

4 strand hair braid with lower fishtail braiding

Three strand regular braids is quite common, so skip it and think about 4 strands braiding that looks more sophisticated. Make this type on both side and then add it into main braid. This whole combination seems really remarkable

3.A Twisted updo styling

fishtail braided updo hairstyles

Are you planning to attend a formal party of Halloween or New Year? Need an attractive styling idea? I  think I have something amazing for you. This idea comprises of two parts: one fishtail crown and second is twisted updo after making rope braids of lower hair section. Look at picture of this idea that elaborates both part in a clear way.

4.Dutch touch with Double Lace braiding hairstyle

lace braids and fishtail styling

It is one of my favorite fishtail braid hairstyles for long hair. It requires you to do fishtail braid but in a reverse way, you don’t need to cross strands over but under. Starts with double side lace braiding and then stacked these braids onto loose dutch hairstyle.

5.Stack it over French braid

fishtail over french braid hairstyle

I always like to do style combo as it makes your look simply attractive. Everyone can do simple braiding but it’s tricky to merge two types of braid into one. But of course, you can do this with your long hair and expertise. Make fishtail of upper hair section, do French braiding of lower hair section. Then stack upper braid onto lower. You can surely use hair pins to hold both braids together.

6.Go with French 4 Strands Braid Hairstyle

side french 4 strand and fishtail braiding hairstyles

I don’t want you to think only about simple four strands when your hair can look quite wonderful with loose French 4 strands braiding and fishtail combo. Instead of making double French, you need to get only one side styling as most of celebrities wear this kind of hairstyle on big events.

7.Wrap Around Dutch Fishtail style

wrap around fishtail braids

This idea is adopt from waterfall braid where hair does not follow the same angle and they need to move around. Create a loose braid and then create a ladder type pattern with it. This definitely requires your time and attention but you will surely be pleased from the final result.

8.An updo with French Touch Braid

french fishtail braiding hairstyles

Don’t think about only normal fishtail hairstyling when a French touch can really look really romantic. Start with this type of braid and then end with an amazing hair updo. This is indeed a perfect kind of hairstyle for upcoming parties. If you are going to attend a wedding or some festive events then rose accessories could enhance charm factor of this styling.

9.Side Fishtail and Lace Braiding combo

side lace and fishtail braiding hairstyles

When I say think of different ideas then it also means think about all possible braids that could make a stunning combination with fishtail. Keep your lower tail as simple as you want but try to add an innocent touch to this kind of styling by making a short lace braid at one side.

10.A Stunning Braided updo

fishtail crown hair updo idea

Create a top knot style hair updo and then wrap thin strand fishtail braid around this hair updo. I really adore this style as it could make your looks very amazing. Try this kind of style with your shoulder less gown and I’m sure it will offer you a perfect princess appearance.

11.A rope braid twist Worth Your Consideration

cute fishtail braid hairstyles for long hair

Start from the top head and continue braiding till the lower end section, seems like a mermaid. But when it comes to adding a bit charm into this style, focus on a rope braid that can be twisted at one side. The main idea is to add a floral touch to your fishtail braid hairstyle.

In short, you are able to try many different fishtail braid hairstyles for long hair. I have provided you 11 cool ideas while in reality they are tons of such ideas. Keep in mind that you can make any style,first you need to learn a braid and then to do practice.It’s not possible to get beautiful look hairstyle unless you put some time and effort on your learning process. Another thing is that base of all such hairstyles is fishtail. Girls must know how to do a fishtail braid, before they start trying these diverse styling ideas.

Image Credit and Source: All images from Instagram/braidsbyjordan

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